Knocks over Aviation Minister’s position on Nigeria air safety

Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah

Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah

Critics have been tackling the Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah over her recent statement that the nation’s airspace is safe. Sad that yet another plane crashed on October 3, 2013 and killed 16 people, Nigerians have been calling for more regulation of the sector.  Some of them bared their minds on the tragedy that shook the nation…


No particular means of transportation is actually safe in Nigeria. I do not agree with the aviation minister that air travel is safe in Nigeria.

I believe the government should sanitize the aviation industry. Proper security and routine checks should be carried out regularly before planes are flown.


I do not agree with the aviation minister at all. With the numerous air crashes in Nigeria, nobody believes in air travelling again.

The government needs to pay attention to the aviation sector. Airline operators need to improve on safety measures.


No, I don’t! She made a very unreasonable statement at a very wrong time. I think the government should check all the airlines and collect the licenses of the ones that cannot meet up with the required standard.


How can she say it’s safe to fly in Nigeria when almost every year we hear plane crashes? It’s a terrible country, that the so-called leaders and ministers don’t value the lives of people.

They don’t even check the so-called aircraft regularly, it’s just sad that innocent people also have to suffer for it.

The fact remains that ministers do not do their jobs, they only sympathize when anything happens.


I don’t think it is safe because it is only in Nigeria that you would hear of at least a plane crash in a year, a plane must crash, so what kind of safety are we talking about here.

It still boils down to corruption and corrupt leaders. You don’t get to fly your plane when you have not gotten the certificate of air worthiness, insurance receipts and proper maintenance from appropriate authorities but in Nigeria, the airline owners cut corners. So, it is until these things are put in place and operators are made to face stiff punishment and outright revocation of certificates that our airspace can be said to be safe.


I don’t agree with that, with what is happening in that sector. I don’t agree. When they stop bringing politics into every single thing we do in Nigeria, then all aspects of the entire country will be better.


I don’t agree with the minister of aviation. The tragedy that happened in the last two years is a testament that it is no longer safe to fly in Nigeria. But I won’t blame anybody because nobody prays for them. The government should first tackle corruption, ban those airlines that fly old plane.


Not at all, we all fly with fear. There is no one in Nigeria who boards a plane without fear of what may happen the next minute. That means the aviation minister is not saying the truth.

All that has happened is unfortunate and they are still human errors we can avoid.


I don’t think it is right to say it’s safe to fly in Nigeria. Even before now people are always afraid of going to anywhere by air due to lack of safety measures on the part of the government.

The minister only said that because none of her relatives has been affected. Or maybe because the rate at which plane crashes is far low compared to what happens on our roads. I think our government should pay more attention to all the agencies affiliated to the aviation industry for effective management.


I don’t agree with the minister at all. If you look at it critically, you will conclude that plane crash occurs every year. Even after the Dana Air crash, another one also crashed in Bayelsa. So, how did the minister arrive at her conclusion?

My own opinion is that federal government should monitor those running local airlines strictly, and ensure that they all operate with new aircraft, no matter what it would cost them.


I believe the Nigerian airspace is safe because of the effort of the current administration to transform our airports. We have also been certified by relevant international agencies.

Having said this, the aviation minister must ensure that all relevant agencies in her ministry do their job.


With all the air disasters in the last few years, it will take a sycophant to say the Nigerian airspace is safe. My advice is that President Jonathan and the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah must get serious.

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