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KSA on Glo Evergreen Series: ‘This honour is overwhelming’

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with music great, King Sunny Ade on Saturday morning (March 1, 2014), after the show.  And forever grateful to the billionaire chairman of Globacom and the entire Glo family, he confessed they have done more than enough for him.

We also asked KSA why he played the guitar after 17 years and what made him relevant in the music industry for over 50 years.

IMG_3759You returned with your guitar tonight at the Glo Evergreen Series.  How long have you performed without your guitar?

I think for about 17 years I have not played the guitar in Nigeria on stage, though I do that at world tours.  I also have a lot of guitars which I play in studios. I am also a producer.

Why were you not playing guitar?

Not that I condemn the guitar.  First, it doesn’t give you much room to move.  Like you saw tonight, when I played the guitar, I had to move back for the microphone.  But if it’s on wireless, I can move freely.  But people love the guitar and that’s what Glo wanted me to prove tonight.

What is your take on the trend in Nigeria where artistes mime their songs instead of live performance?

I tell them, you cannot be miming, you have to perform your song.  A day would come when your fans would want you to play live then you have a problem.  Like tonight, D’Banj played live and you can attest to the fact that he was greatly appreciated by his fans and guests.  Almost all artistes now play live.  And that is the way it should be.

So, how does it feel to be so honoured tonight by Globacom as a music legend?

Ah, I’ve been upstairs (Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos) telling everybody who cared to listen that I’m yet to quantify my feeling towards what Glo has done for me.  Where will I start?  We are talking about the biggest outdoor billboards in Nigeria all in my honour.  Do you know how many millions that will cost?  What about he centrespread adverts in all major Nigerian newspapers and magazines?  There were also radio and television jingles.  I can’t thank Glo enough.   I’m personally grateful to Dr. Mike Adenuga and his family for giving me this kind of honour.  We only pray that God will bless him more and give him more grace.

What is your word for your fans who cut across age and sex?

I thank God because I’m loved by the young and old.  So, if you are young, you are there and if you’re old, you are also my fan.  We are now playing for the third generation and we give God all the glory.

One of your daughters, Toyosi is taking after you?

My daughter is doing well, but I really don’t want to push her now because she is still in school.  I have to guide her.  I might even be her manager (laughs).

You have been in music for like 50 years, what has kept you relevant over the years?

The love of God and your love.

Your performance was superlative, where did you get the strength?

It is the same answer.  It is God and the love for my fans because if you didn’t come tonight, the show wouldn’t have been this successful.

Why do some musicians fail and people like you succeed?

That should be the failed musician’s lot to answer this question.

What then makes a good musician?

First, you have to know what you are doing.  Music is more or less like water; you can use it for anything.  We use water for everything, we drink it, we use water to bath and wash.  That is music for you.  So, like people want good water, they want good music too.



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