Kudos and knocks trail video of woman who stole a bag in RCCG

The video of a middle aged woman who allegedly stole a handbag at Praise Palace parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in New Oko-Oba, Agege (Lagos) on Sunday, September 10, 2017, is knocked and praised in equal measure.

Here’s the video some applauded and others condemned:

And here are the mixed reactions:



This happens in all places of worship. Many of the so called worshippers are there for other reasons not necessarily worship. After all satan himself goes to church.



Exposing misdemeanour and publicly humiliating culprits like this may help reduce the level of crime and corruption in Nigeria. What a shameful and senseless act.


simplelike chuck:

The woman is a habitual! She’s been doing it and I guess that’s why she joined the church!


Nkemchor Nkiruka Stephanie:

If those in charge of church money or the rich ones in the church, tried to help the poor members there won’t be such a situation. Also the others that steals in the church, has anyone brought them out publicly like this? Please do not judge her as none of us are better of.


Prince Loliena Slides:

Madam why u go dey put hand for hot 🔥 na WA for u


Odularu Olugbenga:

Nothing is new under the sun. Not everyone that enters a place of worship that has come to worship God. Out of every 12 disciples, there must be a Judas.



mother can go extra mile to make sure her children eat her act is not good but the church are not suppose to release that video, since its a house of God why cant they counsel her ask are why shes doing such sinful act and help her out instead of this disgrace from the house of God may God forgive us


CeleChurch Drumer:

TBH Motphem, I support your view: why release the video when Jesus said forgive 70 * 7 times (Matthew 18:22). Why not quietly take it up if they insist on not forgiving her?


Chris Mohammed:

No reverence for God, stealing in God’s house…… Your case is different


Taiwo One:

Please Nigerian’s steal in church all the time. Why are we pretending like this is a new development. I’ve had multiple things stolen at church. People just go there because they have to go, just to show they are religious. There’s really nothing spiritual or moral or kind about us as a people



Since it’s church, they should have bury the case.



Church criminal, shameless woman


Michael Machall:

See disgrace! But as a church sha, they shouldn’t have released the video.



It’s a terrible thing that she stole. The action is condemnable but the church should have shown a better example. Embarrassing her publicly won’t show love and forgiveness as commanded by Christ. Worst case, secretly hand her over to police. If the church now judges through social media, then the Christian faith is now watered down. ‘Let him without sin be the first to cast a stone’



Chai… What would her children and family say.. SMH



I don’t know why all I see is a beautiful woman who deserves forgiveness and mercy. I am highly embarrassed by her action.


Lye Mmmd:

Why going stealing….. what do you expect your children to think about it



She obviously was guided to the house of God for deliverance and the house of God is a place for forgiveness



I like what I’m seeing. Some people are saying why should the church release the video and i say why not? Before a church installed CCTV everywhere, do you know how many bags may have been reported missing? She should have asked for help from the church instead. Mtcheew! Let her steal your bag especially if it’s your last money if you won’t do worse.



My bag has been stolen. What is the point of releasing the footage? Why not condemn her privately and then release a report. this is shaming her.


Hareel LAwal:

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have commented on this issue, but the comments of some people have forced me to do so. They are blaming the Church for exposing her, I think she is lucky, because if it were in the old covenant, she would have been stoned to death. Achan was stoned to death for stealing. Joshua 7:25 stealing is stealing.



Shame on the church! If I had the chance to steal offering and tithe I would do that over and over again. If I no steak for my papa house I no knw where I go fit steal again


Amusa Moses:

See poor people disgracing their fellow poor person. Maybe the poor woman is looking for how to feed her children. Meanwhile Diezani who stole billions will never be paraded, photographed and disgraced like this. That’s why the poor remain poorer while the rich cover-up their fellow rich thieves.


Christ David:

Hnmnmm, in as much her action is bad, haba so why are will preaching forgiveness as a church.



This is wat Nigerians are Good at. Anybody that comment bad abt dis woman and have stole before Thunder will kill u wherever u are.


Deji Weee:

This is wat Nigerians are good at. Widely exposing d poor Wen dey steal and our corrupt politicians have been stealing since d creation of Nigeria. Anybody dat comment bad abt this woman and have stole b4 in there life Thunder will kill that person wherever they are.

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