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Ladies vote for multiple boyfriends before marriage!


To be married, spend the rest of one’s life with the man that means the world to her is most ladies’ dream. But finding that man, is not as easy as it sounds.

Some ladies are lucky. Their first and only relationship leads to the altar. But many have to sample one guy after the other before she finds a husband.

So, how many guys should a lady date before settling down? That’s the question we asked a number of young women, and their answers are as divided as the respondents. But majority agree that as many as one can until Mr. Right shows up…



How many boyfriends should a lady have before settling down?

Two. The main guy and the alternative.


If one breaks your heart, you can move to the other.



As many as she can till she finds the right person but she should not sleep around.

It is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. What if one disappoints you at the last stage.



A lady should date one or none before marriage.

She shouldn’t give room for infidelity. She should go into a relationship with the hope of meeting the right person.



She is free to date as many as possible till she finds Mr. Right.

She has to try till she meets the one for her. Who knows, one of them may turn out to be Mr. Right.



There is no ideal number. If your first boyfriend is the one, then go ahead.


The most important thing is getting the right person. How will you get the right person if you don’t date.



You cannot really put a number to it.

These things just happen. When you map out the ideal number of boyfriends you want to have before marriage but due to one reason or the other, you end up having more boyfriends than you bargained for.



She can have as many as she can handle but there will always be one holding the top spot.

Looking for the right person is not about folding your arms and watching.



I don’t believe in boyfriend. If you are ready to marry, go into a relationship.

I think we should be decent about it, it is not ideal to multi date.



I don’t think a lady should have a boyfriend. When you are about 22, you can choose a man you want yo spend the rest of your life with.

I am a devoted muslim. We are not taught to have boyfriends but life partners.



She should have one. I think, it is possible to keep that one person and marry him.

Why should a decent lady date more than one man. I have friends who are dating three. I cannot do that.



It is best you have your life partner and not boyfriends because boyfriends can disappoint you.

You get exposed to diseases, lose focus, lose morals and respect by having many boyfriends. God said ‘He that finds a wife/husband has found a good thing’ and not boyfriend or girlfriend.



Everything depends on how lucky or unlucky a lady is with guys. If the first guy I date happens to be the Mr. Right, then I have no reason to date another.



I think five is good. It gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. But some people are lucky. If you are so lucky that your first guy treats you right and provides all you have ever wanted, then I say stick with him.



The minimum should be two, maximum is countless. Guys don’t want to settle down.



There is no specific number. It doesn’t mean she needs to ‘sample’ many guys, that’s why a lady needs to be smart. But if one finds someone she loves and understands, she doesn’t need to date more guys.



We have different plans as ladies. Some people want to date a lot of guys despite the fact that they have a steady relationship, while some just don’t get along in most relationships. It doesn’t matter how many guys you date but how many guys you sleep with.

I think a lady shouldn’t sleep with more than two guys before getting married.



I don’t believe in boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. I didn’t do it, the man I am married to is my only relationship. As a Christian, I don’t believe in boyfriend. When the right man is serious, I think one will know.



Two, the main one and the side guy. It’s better because if one breaks your heart, you will move to the next one.

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