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Ladipo Market traders lose over N200m to demolition: ‘It’s not possible to vacate this place in one month’ – IZUCHUKWU EMEHIGE

We have been told that the Mushin Local Government officials in company of some armed men came to demolish this place on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.  What’s your reaction to that?

I felt so bad about it because they didn’t give us any notice.  We just came in the morning and saw them demolishing the whole zinc, removing all the roofs.  They even went to the extent of looting our shops.  They didn’t just come to demolish the market only, they also came to steal which is so bad.  The money some of our colleagues left in their drawers were carted away.  If you’re here on Tuesday, you would have witnessed how people were reacting.  It’s unbelievable.

Personally, how much have you discovered you lost to the incident?

I have lost about a million naira cash and most of the engines in my shop have been damaged by the rain.  In my shop, I sell Camry engine and each of the engines costs N250,000 and about 10 pieces like that.  The rain spoiled everything.  They can’t be sold again.

What do you want the state government to do on the matter?

I want the state government to come to our aid.  I was told they gave us only one month to move out of this place.  As you can also see, how can we pack all these property out of this place in just one month?  We occupied this place for more than three decades.  So, it’s unfair for anybody to evacuate us from this place within just a month.  It’s not possible at all.  If at all they want to evacuate us from this place, we need to sit down and discuss it and know the appropriate way of going about it.

But is it true that you people booed Ambode when he came here to campaign and that you hailed Jimi Agbaje when he was also here?

No, I am not aware of that.  The truth is that myself and my family voted for APC and Ambode as governor of Lagos State because I personally want change.  And I believe almost all of us here also voted for APC.


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