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Lagos ranks 3rd worst city to live in the world!

The Centre of Excellence, Lagos, Nigeria has been ranked as one of the worst cities to live in the world.

One of the  largest cities in Africa, it was ranked third by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in charge of ranking the best and worst cities to live in the world. It’s said that Lagos had the worst score for stability at 10.

Adding that the continued threat from groups like Boko Haram act as a constraint to improving stability.

The EIU provides scores out of 100 for lifestyle challenges in 140 cities worldwide. The ranking ranges from healthcare, education, infrastructure, safety and threats of terrorism.

According to the EIU, the survey is designed to address a range of cities that people might want to live in or visit.

Below are the ten worst cities to live in the world:

  1. Douala, Cameroon
  2. Harare, Zimbabwe

T=6. Karachi, Pakistan

T=6. Algiers, Algeria

  1. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  2. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  3. Lagos, Nigeria
  4. Tripoli, Libya
  5. Damascus, Syria



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