Smoking in the public places will no longer be tolerated in Lagos State. The bill supporting this move was passed in the Lagos State House of Assembly during the week and those who had waited for this to happen leap for joy.

Those whom ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to backed the new law which prohibits smoking in the public places. They argued that many had died from smoking including passive or second degree smokers.

Below are views being expressed by Lagosian on the issue.


EZEKIEL FALADE – Before the law, smokers have always been warned that they are liable to die young. Now, there is a bill banning them. I think the bill is going to save the lives of some that may possibly die young. Although, the economic effect of the law in the long run may not be positive, it’s effect on social life is going to be very pleasant.

To me, it’s a welcome idea. It’s left to the government to ensure it’s implemented fully.


ISMAIL ABAYOMI – Although, I am not a smoker, the bill is a step in the right direction. However, no matter the content of the bill, some will still be deviant to the call. But at the same time, it’s good and with that in place now, there will be a reduction in the rate at which people smoke very soon.


BABATUNDE OWOKONIRAN – I believe it is a positive bill. It will help the youths. A lot of things they see influence them. So, if it is stopped, I believe it will help reduce the number of people in the act without knowing the side effects.


ISAAC GBENGA – It is a means of saving lives, even tobacco manufacturers rightly said in their adverts that ‘smokers are liable to die young’. So, why should we kill ourselves because of borrowed culture? More so, the young ones who see these street smokers are making them role models.

It is very pathetic seeing this young boys and girls smoking and still feeling proud about it. I am in support of the bill as long as it can help curb this social menace.


ADAOBI JAMES – Yes, it is in order, smokers have the right to smoke just as other non smoking public have the right to live a healthy life. I support the bill and it should take effect as soon as possible.


ADEWALE FABIYI – It is the right thing to do because smokers not only endanger their lives they also endanger other people’s lives with their habit. I remember there was something like this some years ago but it was not effectively applied.


FOLABI AMOSUN – I believe this is a very welcome development. There should be some degree of sanity in the system and for the sake of decency, it is a good move which all Lagosians should support.


KEHINDE ABBEY – There is nothing wrong with banning smoking in public places. It is even coming late in my own view. This is what is obtainable in developed countries where we have smoking and non-smoking areas.


AUGUSTINE AHIAULA – Although I smoke, I support the bill. We all know that smoking is dangerous to health. I, however, suggest that there should be a lot of awareness campaign to prepare habitual smokers for the law so we don’t bundle all of us into prison.


KELECHI OKEZIE – I support the bill to ban smoking in public places. Smoking has killed as many people as malaria and HIV/AIDS. So, I give kudos to Lagos State House of Assembly while believing that the governor will sign it into law.


ADERONKE ADESHINA – I think the bill is a good one, people shouldn’t just smoke and endanger other people’s lives.


ADEJUMO AKANNI – It has been an old bill, it is not only those who smoke that are endangered, the passive smokers too always suffer for it. Smoking in public should be banned.


SANUSI ADEYEMI – I am very much in support of the bill because people are irritated by the way they smoke all over the place even at social gatherings.


DAPO OLAIYA – I’m 100 percent in support of the bill and I pray and hope that the bill is passed and adequately enforced.


MUHAMMAD GARBADEEN – It’s a good law, I think. I also feel it favours all parties involved. Medically, we’ve been educated that passive smokers are even more affected than the smokers themselves which I think is an absolute injustice on passersby who need to inhale the natural air and someone just pollute the air with the smoke from cigarette.

In as much that the law didn’t totally ban smoking, it is expected of us as good Lagosians to stop smoking at public places and relocate to our private apartments to carry out the act if we think we can’t totally do without it. Kudos to LSHA on this.


ADEGBOYEGA TAOFIQ – It’s a good law, but implementation matters most. I suggest that there should be a task force to ensure adherence, as they did in the case of okada in Lagos.


UMU MUTMAINAT – It’s a good attempt from our lawmakers. But if Lagos State cannot stop the touts otherwise called agberos, how then can smoking in public be stopped, when area boys are ruling, especially in places like Mushin, Ojuelegba, etc. Who is going to stop them?


SULAIMON ABDURAHMAN – I do not see it working now, because no institution has the responsibility to effect the change. However, it could start with our institutions purging itself of smokers first, then a continuous advertisement warning people to desist from smoking.


SULAIMAN ADEYEMI ALAMUTU – When the leaders smoke, do you expect them to enforce a law that will ban smoking? Why has the anti-tobacco bill in the NASS not been passed all these years? God save our souls!

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