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Lagosians applaud mobile court! (2)

Lagosians have welcomed the initiative of mobile courts across the state with some believing that if would restore sanity to the roads. The courts, inaugurated on Friday, February 6, 2016, by the Chief Judge of the state, Justice Olufunmilayo Atilade, are charged to try traffic offenders and dispense instant punishment to those convicted.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some commuters, motorists in the state and shared their thoughts.


‘The intention is a good one’ – Justin

The intention is a good one. It will implant the consciousness to obey traffic rules in road users. My only fear is that it should not be abused by the officials. You know, Lagos state officials can be overzealous in carrying out their tasks.

Apart from that, I don’t think there’s much wrong with the idea.


‘That idea is good’ – Ifeoma Okeke

I like that Ambode is focusing on solving a key problem in the state, that’s traffic, with projects like the streets light and now mobile court.

The mobile courts will go a long way in easing traffic on roads. In the sense that all these drivers that cause accidents on roads will be reduced.


‘I totally disagree with it’ – Sobowale Samuel

I totally disagree with it. I don’t like the way some LASTMA officers operate. They are usually hyper active, they take advantage of some people. I have been a victim of their beastly attitude that is why I am not in support of the mobile court. Fine, the state said they didn’t set up the court to witch hunt but they wouldn’t be there when their officers are misbehaving.


‘I am not in support’ – Abimbola Balogun

I am not in support. I believe they will abuse it and take advantage of innocent people unless the government can set up preventive measures against witch hunting.


‘I support the introduction of LASTMA mobile court’ – Obi Uzor

I support the introduction of LASTMA mobile court in addressing traffic problems in Lagos state. There is high level of indiscipline right now on Lagos roads. Maybe, with the introduction of the court, all these recklessness and lawlessness will reduce. To me, the fine of N25,000 is okay, and the jail term is also acceptable. There must be discipline on our roads, not only in Lagos but across the country. I support Governor Ambode’s move on that.


‘I don’t support the introduction of LASTMA mobile court’ – Seun Ojutalayo

Not that I don’t support the introduction of LASTMA mobile court in trying traffic offenders in Lagos state but the issue is that Nigerian factor will still set in at the long run. Also, the fine is too much, it can be reduced to N15,000 for private car owners while commercial drivers may be charged higher because they’re the most reckless and stubborn on the roads. Then the Lagos state government should in addition to the mobile court put in place a law banning the use of rickety vehicles, especially those that constantly make noise and discharge excessive carbon monoxide into the atmosphere therefore causing environmental hazards. Lagos must be made more habitable and more conducive.


‘The mobile court is okay’ – Steven Oluwafemi

I like the introduction of LASTMA mobile court. They will pass instant judgment on offenders and this will make driver’s seat-up and do what is right by obeying the traffic laws.

I don’t think the penalty is too extreme, I like the idea.


‘I like the idea but…’ – Hassan Mohammed

I like the idea and I don’t like it in the sense that it will become a distraction to LASTMA officials. They will be looking out for offenders so they can extort money from them. I don’t think the penalty is extreme because it is instant judgment.

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