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Lagosians confirm rising crime rate

Crime rate is now worrisome in Lagos state, especially robbery at traffic points.

Some Lagosians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also confirmed the ugly development. They, however, urged the Police to sit up… 



Yes, I have. Funny enough, the one I witnessed was in church. It was a Sunday service, after the service, I was waiting with my children at the lobby. I saw an unkempt man walking aimlessly along the lobby. He tried approaching every one that came his way but no one gave him audience. While I was sitting down, I saw him go to where they keep items meant for the needy. He stylishly looked around to make sure nobody was watching him. He was picking one thing or the other from the bags beside him. When he was done, he took his bag and took off. They eventually caught him.



Yes, I have. It happened to me. I finished late at work that day, it is about two weeks now. I work in Apapa, Lagos and stay at Ijoko, Ogun state. I was already in Ogun state and was about getting home. In fact, I was already thanking God for getting home safely. I got to a place where I was to take a bike, I waited endlessly but no bike. I have an elderly man whom I use as bike man any time I came back late, I had already called him that I would be late and he was waiting for me. I had to take a bike to where he would pick me. My bike man called to inform me to be careful because there was a clash between some touts that evening.

I eventually got a bike and went to meet him. We were going when three guys appeared from nowhere, they stopped us, took my bag and injured the bike man. I had an apple laptop, two phones and N30,000. It was really painful. I reported to the police but nothing was done about it.



It is so scary, especially when you see minors being victims of some of these crimes. It’s really on the increase. One has to be very careful, watchful and prayerful. I think apart from people being security conscious, the security agents charged with the responsibility to maintain law and order should be alive to their duties. We are more or less like a lawless society now with all these robberies, kidnappings and killings here and there. Especially in the case of robberies, the police should by now sit up and know the strategies used by the hoodlums who perpetrate this act. It is really scary.



It is such a sad situation that evil people are allowed to not only hurt the good people, but also deny them of peace. You can’t have rest of mind with the current state of things. Earlier this year, we heard about the kidnapping of about those children of the same parents, another one was kidnapped in Lagos and found in Ogun, Now every month, it is one robbery to the other in Lagos. I feel it is a reflection of our lack of morals and worsening economy. My brother, there is poverty in the land, let’s not lie to ourselves, but that is no excuse for people to do evil though.

I think everybody needs to sit up and be alive to their responsibilities, from the government, to the people, to police and others, we must join hands to make it work for us all.



Yes, I have. Right before me on Apongbon Bridge while we were stuck in traffic, the vehicle in front of me was robbed. I was scared, I thought they would move on to me, but they didn’t.



Yes, I have. I saw people being robbed in traffic along Oshodi.



I was on my way from Oshodi where I had gone to buy some fabrics for Sallah celebration. Our vehicle developed fault around Cement Bus-Stop, along Lagos/Abeokuta Express road. We were about 12 in the bus. And soon as the vehicle parked, the driver instructed us to come down so that he could check what actually went wrong. Before we knew it, about four guys just came from nowhere, commanding us to drop all our phones and bags. They asked us to lay flat on the road side. But we’re very fortunate that police patrol vehicle was passing at that time, they just disappeared without succeeding in their aim. It happened around 10:30pm.



On Thursday, October 15, 2015, I was on my way home around 9pm. I was stuck in traffic gridlock around Ile-Epo/Abule Egba axis. Suddenly, I saw some guys come to the driver’s side with a gun. They asked me to wind down the glass which I did. They said I should cooperate with them if I don’t want to waste my life. Interestingly, other motorists were around but nobody came out to rescue me.

Rather, when the traffic began to move, they sped off. These armed robbers collected my money and valuables. The operation lasted about 20 minutes.

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