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30 qualitative and quantitative features spread across five areas: stability, infrastructure, education, health care and environment, were used by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Ranking and Report, to decide the worst cities to live and the top 50.

The only cities Lagos outshone were

  1. Port Moresby, Papa New Ginea (138)
  2. Dhaka, Bangladesh (139)
  3. Damascus, Syria (140)…



I can’t say for sure if Lagos deserves to be that low in the world, but what I know is that Lagos is too expensive, especially when it comes to house rent. You need to see how people stuff themselves in small rooms in some areas for you to understand what I am saying.

I went to see an acquaintance of mine some months back and I was shocked to see a family of seven living in a single room, with just one small hole that they say is a window. Not only is Lagos expensive, it is a dirty state. In fact, Nigerians as a whole, we are dirty people.

Very unhygienic. On the streets you see people just drop solid waste carelessly. The one that annoys me the most is people throwing dirt out of a moving car or bus. Can’t they at least drop it in the vehicle and put it away properly later.



I do not totally agree with that, but what I know is that Lagos is a very dirty city. Forget about some posh areas that they show on TV, majority of the places in Lagos are not meant for humans. I mean, you need to see for yourself to really understand.

Also, things are very expensive – transport fares, house rent and prices of food items, I think for that one it’s because they have to bring it from other states. Like I said, I can’t really say if there are many other cities around the world that are worse, but I know Lagos that I live.



To some extent, I will say it is true. The poor infrastructure of Lagos is one reason I say so. Lagos is a city of two halves – one half has the finest of houses, roads and other amenities, while the other has pitiable living condition.



We are making progress as a state. But the so called mega city that Fashola mentioned years ago is still far away from realisation. The crime rate in Lagos is not that bad, though recently there have been a number of robberies. But at least, we know what it was like before.

No, I’m not saying Lagos is there yet, but we are not as bad as those white people make us look. Does that mean of all the cities in the world, Lagos is better than only three? Abeg, forget that one! Lagos no bad reach like that!



I don’t know about that, but I have two problems with Lagos. One is the annoying arrogance of law enforcement agents and the behaviour of the people. Come to think of it, I think law enforcers don’t realise that they are to render service to the people and not lord it over them as they do.

They can be unreasonable at times. Then to Lagosians, this mindset of Lagos is a no man’s land makes people just do whatever they like. For me, these are the things I find very annoying about living in Lagos. That’s apart from the obvious ones like bad roads, no water and all.



What makes Lagos worse is the hectic traffic and bad transport system. If it’s based on the factors mentioned, then Lagos is one of the worst cities to live because I have not enjoyed anything here.



Yes, I agree because of lawlessness which has become a norm. Lagosians hardly obey traffic rules and the enforcement agencies don’t do their job accordingly. We have many abandoned projects and slums are not being developed by the government.



If one is to judge according to the criteria being used, it is yes, because individuals are their own teachers and doctors. Government has not really impacted lives in those areas. But I can’t say it’s true because I haven’t been to other countries.



No, because my house is okay, my work place is condusive and my place of worship too. I know we are struggling but I don’t think Lagos should be among the worst cities.



Yes, because we have a lot of problems when it comes to security and roads. Health sector is getting better. I don’t think school is really a problem because the educational system is getting better too. Traffic is another problem.



No, my house is clean and my office is a fair place. Though rent is too high. We have bad roads and cost of transportation is expensive.



I think I agree with that when it comes to security and infrastructure. Security wise, Lagos is nowhere, people are not safe again in traffic gridlocks. There is also a lot of bad roads.



I think so. I have been to Ibadan and some other places. Cost of living is too high. We pay so much on rent and transportation.



Yes! When we talk about infrastructure, health care, security, social amenities, Lagos is nowhere.



I will rather say that Lagos is the worst city in the world, considering our roads infrastructure and how people hustle endlessly. We are always in a haste. People hustle too much with nothing to show for it.



I have been in Lagos for about four decades. I quite agree with the outcome of the research. Lagos is definitely no longer a city to live in. It’s only that most of us don’t have an alternative. In the past, the crime rate the state is experiencing now wasn’t there. The environment was very clean, traffic was usually light, education system was encouraging and health was much better.

But now, all these are nothing to write home about. I think Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has a lot of work to do.



I am a Lagosian to the core. I think the research only paid attention to certain areas of Lagos state. Lagos can’t be the fourth worst city in the world no matter the criteria used by the researchers. But that doesn’t mean all is well with the state.

And that’s why the new administration should be focused instead of all these war with the former governor Babatunde Fashola.



I have been in Lagos for about 27 years. When I came to Lagos, everything was okay. Everywhere was quiet. Life was safe. There were no criminals all over the place as the situation is now. You see club houses right, left and centre. Every street had bars and hotels harbouring young girls dancing naked.

Most of these girls only came to Lagos to do prostitution. They don’t have any particular residence to identify with. They ran away from their parents and dumped themselves in Lagos. All these caused congestion in Lagos and where there is congestion, a lot of things will be happening.

The environment will be polluted, health situation of the people living in such a place will be deteriorating. If you get to some cities, things are not like that but those of us in Lagos come here for our daily bread.

And we have been enjoying life in Lagos until recently when the situation of things was out of control. I think the government has a lot of work to do for the state to regain its lost glory. I totally agree with the outcome of the research that ranked Lagos fourth worst city in the world.



Lagos is very congested at the moment. That’s why you see a lot of dirty things around. Life is not safe. People can’t sleep and have their eyes closed. There are lots of criminals in Lagos state and to live in Lagos is very expensive by all standards. And if you decide to remain in your state, you’re not sure of getting a job.

And since being in Lagos remains the only choice for so many people, that’s what makes the place congested. And that has led to the collapse of almost everything. So, I think I quite agree with the outcome of the research.



Things have seriously deteriorated in Lagos state and that is really affecting standard of living in the state. In the past, we used to envy those living in Lagos. Even, that’s one of the reasons I came to Lagos immediately I finished secondary school in 1994.

But since, I have not really seen much I have achieved despite all the stress in the state. You wake up very early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic and when you close from work in the evening, you still have to wait to avoid traffic. Lagos is not what it used to be 20 years back.


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