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Lagosians lament rising crime rate (2)

Crime rate is now worrisome in Lagos state, especially robbery at traffic gridlock.

Some Lagosians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also confirmed the ugly development. They, however, urged the Police to sit up…



There have been a lot of cases of robbery and killings in the past few weeks and it makes one really afraid. The more fearful one is young people, in their late teens and twenties, committing unthinkable crimes, even murder. What is our world turning to?

I think people have lost fear of God, yes we’re all church and mosque goers, but we don’t really respect and obey God like He deserves. We have become highly selfish beings, and I sometimes wonder if these criminals have no conscience.

The police need to sit up, and we Lagosians too need to become security conscious. Like they say, security is everyone’s business. It is not just a police thing, you can contribute, I can contribute.



It is becoming worrisome to be honest, we all just have to be very careful. Almost every day on WhatsApp, there’s one broadcast message about one robbery or another, or messages warning people to stay clear of some areas due to their volatility.



I don’t agree that crime rate has reduced in Lagos state. I think these criminals are taking advantage of Governor Ambode’s amiable look to perpetrate their criminal activities. I was robbed about three weeks ago at Anthony Bus Stop, along Ikorodu road, Lagos. The gang dispossessed me of my cash and valuables. And I knew quite alright that if I had resisted them, the story would have been otherwise because they were fully armed. They instructed me not to shout. I just surrendered to their order. I was speechless till I drove home that day.

Even those in my front and those at the back didn’t know what was happening. They might be thinking the guys were hawkers. So, Governor Ambode should sit-up on it.



I had a bitter experience concerning robbery traffic gridlock in Mile 2 area recently. It’s indeed a miracle that I survived the attack. I was driving my ML Mercedes Benz when these hoodlums just came from nowhere and demanded the key of the car or they waste me. I started begging them. When I refused to wind down, they broke the glass of the driver’s side.

The man leading them brought out a pistol and asked me to smell it. But as the drama was still going on, a vehicle carrying a group of OP MESA just arrived, started passing the vehicles so that the traffic could reduce. Immediately these guys sighted them, they took to their heels, but they had collected my phones and ATM card.



I have witnessed a crime recently. Just last month, along Costain, at about 9pm, I was returning from work and I saw this cab man who had a flat tyre. He had a passenger with him, a young woman. I watched two men approach them and asked them to lie down on the road while they searched the cab and the woman’s bag for valuables.

There was nothing I could do to help. I had to drive off so they don’t move on to me.



I witnessed two guys robbing a motorist. One of the guys went to distract the man by the passenger’s seat while the other picked his phone from the car. I wanted to alert passersby but everybody just kept a straight face and busy minding their business. They made away with the guy’s phone. Funny enough, he didn’t know on time that he has been robbed.



I can’t remember when exactly it happened. I was on my way home. I entered a bus going to the mainland. I work on the island. We got to a quiet place when we realised that we entered one chance. I had to jump off from the bus. They had already started collecting passenger’s personal effect. I was lucky to have sat close to the door and it was opened.

Immediately I jumped, the lady beside me followed. We both sustained injuries but not serious. I am sure, they would have collected people’s phones and money, even ATM cards that night.

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