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Lagosians set agenda for Ambode (3)

Following the declaration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidates, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode as Lagos governor-elect, Lagosians have identified areas they want him to address, after his inauguration on May 29, 2015.

From continuity with the excellent performance of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola to developing infrastructure, our respondents tasked Ambode to create a better Lagos.


‘He should concentrate on making Lagos a better place’ – NIYI OLUSHOLA

He should continue with the good works Fashola started. But he should stop planting flowers. I believe he likes taking pictures with what we saw before the election, he should please concentrate on making Lagos a better place.


‘Ambode should concentrate on repairing roads…’ – CHINEDU OKEREKE

Ambode should concentrate on repairing roads, most especially on the Mainland. He should also reduce the tax artisans and market people pay in Lagos state. It is too much.


‘I think he’s the Lord’s chosen one’ – MR. RICHARD HARRISON

I thank God for is victory, I think he’s the Lord’s chosen one. The major thing I want him to do for Lagos state is to create job opportunities for graduates because there are so many graduates on the street. It is not good, the previous government didn’t do anything about that, I pray Ambode should help our graduates. It’s painful to see someone who has pass through all the stress from primary school to university at end of the day no job to show for it. He should also empower our children who are hawking, he should help them.


‘Ambode is a message that God has sent to us’ – MR. JULIUS AMOS

Ambode is a message that God has sent to us. I believe he will do something that will create impact so that Lagosians will vote for him for second term. He should allow our mothers to sell on the roadside or create something else for them to do. I want him to do something people will fill the impact.


‘He should change Lagos because that was his sermon during campaign’ – MR. VICTOR ADESHOLA

I want change in Lagos state, he should change Lagos because that was his sermon during campaign. If I set my own agenda for him he will not do any one so, let him do what he knows that is good and will benefit us.


‘I would love him the more if he considers the commoners’ – DOYIN DOSUMU

I am happy for his success. What I have for Ambode is that he should continue the good work Governor Fashola started. I would love him the more if he considers the commoners.

I would like him to provide adequate security, constant light, good roads and drainage system in the rural and urban areas.


‘We need good security in Lagos’ – ALFA ABDULWAHEED SANUSI

We thank God that Akinwunmi Ambode won but it has not ended there. He should first put everything in the hands of God if he wants to succeed. Lagos is a very sensitive state and it takes Allah’s wisdom for any governor to succeed. We need good security in Lagos. He should work hand-in-hand with Neighbourhood Watch and other community security outfits apart from the police to ensure full and adequate security of lives and property in the state.

Then, the issue of health should be taken serious. All the congested general hospitals should be decongested by establishing more hospitals and there should be free health service for Lagosians.


‘It was a well deserved victory’ – GBENGA SHERIFF

Let me first congratulate Akinwunmi Ambode for emerging victorious in the Saturday, April 11, 2015 governorship election. It was a well deserved victory. But my advice is that he shouldn’t be carried away by the victory.

He should remember all what he promised Lagosians when he was campaigning. So, he should make sure his agenda revolves around those promises.


‘He should forget what might have happened during the elections’ – OBI SYLVESTER

First, I will advice the incoming government to take the issue of security very serious because Lagos state perhaps, has a large number of criminals in the country. Then, governor-elect, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode should create more employment opportunities for the youths roaming the streets because an idle hand is the devil’s work place.

He should also consolidate on Fashola’s road projects and extend road rehabilitation and expansion to the hinterland. Last, he should shun tribalism by employing people from other tribes and forget what might have happened during the elections.


‘I want him to work power supply’ – DEMOLA ADUNOLA

Power supply has gone down drastically, and that has really affected my business. It wasn’t as bad as this before. In the last few months, hardly a day we operated without the generator. And you know what it would have cost us in terms of the amount spent on diesel per day.

And when you spend too much on diesel for the generator, it will surely tell on other aspects of the business. And in our business, we treat customers as kings and queens, so, no excuse. But I believe with the new government coming on board, come May 29, 2015, the situation will change for the better.


‘Ambode should consider the common man’ – NATHANIEL EGEGE

There are few rich men in Lagos and I suggest Ambode should consider the poor who are jobless. His policies should be targeted at the common man.


‘Education, security, wealth creation should be government priority’ – CHIKA IKEDI

Education, security and wealth creation are core areas Ambode should focus. He also has to continue to with Fashola’s policies.

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