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Lagosians set agenda for Ambode

Following the declaration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidates, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode as Lagos governor-elect, Lagosians have identified areas they want him to address, after his inauguration on May 29, 2015.
From continuity with the excellent performance of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola to developing infrastructure, our respondents tasked Ambode to create a better Lagos.

‘He should improve what Fashola has done’


The challenge we face in my area is whenever it rains heavily, the drainages cannot hold the water so, it floods the streets. It has been like that ever since I moved to the area. I hope like the governor-elect has said he will improve what Fashola has done.


‘It’s a good thing government pays WAEC exam fees…’


It’s a good thing government pays WAEC exam fees. But I don’t want it to stop there. The poor performance is becoming worrisome and is forcing parents to send their wards and children to private schools. I would like the new administration to intensify tutorials for WAEC students, I think it would go a long way.


‘He should surpass Fashola’s record’


I congratulate the governor-elect, Akinwunmi Ambode. I pray those around won’t mislead him. He has a human face and I believe he will surpass Fashola’s record. He should also be firm in certain areas, including traffic law but he should change the orientation of LASTMA officials.

They should stop harassing commercial buses and other motorists for selfish reasons. We want good roads across the state, not only Lekki. He should also improve on Fashola’s transformer project for adequate supply of electricity in the state.


‘He should also create space for market women…’


First, I congratulate Akinwunmi Ambode on his victory at the keenly contested election. I pray his time will be better for us in Lagos. It’s a thing of joy for Lagosians now for the first time, we will be relating with the party at the centre. We’re no longer in the opposition. So, with this alone, Ambode should tap the opportunity to develop all the roads in Lagos State.

He should also create space for market women if they have to vacate the road sides. He shouldn’t revert the traffic law. We need discipline in Lagos State but LASTMA officials must stop harassing motorists.


‘Continuity should guide him’


You know the role we played in making Ambode governor. Some of us voted for him to continue with Fashola’s template for the development of Lagos. And my advice is for him to stick to this and make few adjustments here and there. I’m sure Ambode will be greater than Fashola. That’s even Governor Fashola’s prayer.


‘Ambode should be independent’


One of the reasons many of us voted against Ambode was the allegation he would be a stooge. He needs to prove Lagosians wrong by being a man of his own. Top on his agenda should be security, infrastructure and education.


‘He should focus on roads and security’


Any government that neglects road and security has not started. So, I think the new government should look into the state of Lagos roads. Ambode also has to support law enforcement agencies to protect Lagosians. I also think health education and workers welfare should be his priority.


‘Ambode should remember Nollywood’


The elections have come and gone. And my advice for Ambode is to explore the limitless opportunities in the entertainment industry, especially Nollywood to create jobs and wealth. We expect a comprehensive agenda and how he would do this.

On how to govern Lagos, I think his job is well cut out for him from infrastructure to health, social welfare and housing, no Lagos State governor can afford to rest.


‘I want Ambode to focus on the problem of transportation’


I want Ambode to focus on the problem of transportation that means more waterways transport and reduce transport cost. He should also work on our roads and pressurise federal government to put the federal roads in proper shape. We also need a proper regulation of public transport system.


‘I want him to enhance transportation system in Lagos’


I want him to enhance transportation system in Lagos. Our roads are dilapidated, its time our railways start working again like other big cities in the world.


‘He should continue on the path to making Lagos a mega city’


Lagos is already working. Fashola did some good work but many of his projects are getting old. I want the governor-elect to revisit most of the infrastructure provided by Fashola renovate and maintain them. For instance, most of the roads in the state are dilapidated. Generally, he should continue on the path to making Lagos a mega city to be proud of.


‘Ambode should improve everything in Lagos’


Put LASTMA at all junctions, roundabouts and set a monitoring team to make sure they are not just there. Remember the most populated areas are on the mainland and require the same development in Lekki and Ikoyi.

Reduce tax and see if it’s possible for Lagos to generate its own electricity. Rents don’t have to be paid annually, could be six months or so. The health sector should also be paramount and noise pollution reduced considerably.


‘He should repair roads, break the norm of failure for years’


He needs to employ more teachers, the education sector is suffering in Lagos state. Some teachers teach about a 100 students in a class, most class rooms are dilapidated. He should repair roads, break the norm of failure for years.


‘I want the government to reduce levies we pay in the market’

– MRS. AJIBADE, market woman

I am happy APC won. The last administration wasn’t bad for me, I believe it will be good this time around too. But I want the government to reduce levies we pay in the market.


‘We need transportation and good roads’


We need transportation and good roads and habitable housing.

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