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Lagosians vote for ‘no movement’ during sanitation day

A couple of days ago, Lagos state government announced cancellation of movement restriction during monthly environmental sanitation, and this has been generating reactions by Lagosians. Some applauded the decision while some still preferred to continue with the movement restriction during the monthly exercise which usually comes up on a last Saturday of the month.

Some Lagosians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this poured out their divergent views…



I don’t think it’s a good idea. If the government should allow movement on sanitation hours, who will do the cleaning? Nigerians will abuse the opportunity and they will neglect their core duty to clean the environment.



It will be a welcome idea only if Nigerians will not misuse it. We all know environmental sanitation is meant for cleaning our surroundings and drainages. We are doing this to have malaria and other diseases free environment. So, movement during those hours will make a lot of people ignore sanitation. This will encourage unhealthy environment.



I don’t think government should force every individual to do sanitation. Environmental sanitation should be done everyday willingly because it’s for our own good. If the government wants movement on sanitation days, it’s left for individuals to perform sanitation before setting out. We should learn to keep a clean environment so as to live a healthy life.



Sanitation has become something we no longer value in Nigeria. We shouldn’t be forced to keep a hygienic environment. Government can only do its best. It’s left for us to do what’s right. Whether there’s movement or not, people should always keep their environments clean. God bless Nigeria.



I don’t like that idea of movement during sanitation hours. It’s like giving room for a dirty environment because Nigerians will ignore sanitation once there is movement.

Clean environment creates healthy living. So, we should imbibe the habit of maintaining a good, clean environment without being forced.



I don’t support the idea of no movement on sanitation day because it is our freedom. It affects many people. Some will lose money all because of this. Everyone knows it’s their right to clean their environment. So, government should not stop us from moving around any day, anytime.



I don’t think it’s good because we have the right to do what we want. If you want to clean your environment, you know the right time to do that. So, no one should stop us from moving around.



Yes, I support the no movement sanitation day because cleanliness is next to godliness.



I really support no movement on sanitation day because it will give us the chance to know what is wrong in our surroundings. For instance, you cut the grass, clean the drainage, etc, you will be free from malaria.



I don’t support that idea of no movement on sanitation day because I think everyone has the right to do what he/she likes. Nobody or government should say we should not move. If you want to clean your surroundings, you can create a time or a day of your own.



I do not support restriction of movement on sanitation day. Everybody has the right to do what pleases him. If you like, clean your environment, it’s for your own good. But forcing people to do it by the government, I think it’s not good enough. I don’t support it.



Restriction of movement on sanitation day is against fundamental human right. Every human being has right of movement and he shouldn’t be restricted at any point in time. Any individual in his right senses should not wait till the last Saturday of the month before he can take care of his environment.



I am fully in support of the exercise. You know Nigerians are not like the oyinbo people, we are very stubborn. I am sure most of us wouldn’t have adhered to the environmental sanitation if not for the restriction being imposed by the government. The government is just trying to promote a good hygiene and cleaning culture among her citizens. I do not see anything bad about it.



I support it to an extent. I am a businesswoman. I go to work almost every day. The last Saturday of the month is just like a resting day for me. I don’t go to work on that day.

After the normal cleaning, I rest for the rest of the day and that is the main reason why I support it. Apart from that, I don’t think the government has any right to restrict our movement.



The restriction of movement on sanitation day is just like a waste of time because most people don’t still do the sanitation. If the government can just cancel that thing, whoever wants to clean his environment should do it willingly not by force.

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