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Lamentations as rumour to increase tariff by telcos filters in

The rumours of an proposed increased tariff by major telecommunications providers is not going down well with Nigerians. 

They made this known through an opinion poll conducted by


Tinuke Ali

If it is true, that means they are all not serious. I don’t think this is the right time to introduce such in this harsh economy when most people cannot even buy airtime or pay for data. They are not serious, it better not be the truth.


Eunice Michael

I am hearing that for the first time, it better not be true. Do they know how much they charge us for calls, it is not fair. I believe the necessary authorities would not permit that. They don’t even know that times are hard.


Donatus Onyinye

They have come again, all those awful services they have been giving us. Is this the way to take them back, it is so unfair. It better be a rumour.


Biola Aworinde

I would rather advise them to reduce all the awful services and leave our tariff the way it is. They charge us unnecessarily, they would subscribe for caller tunes and be removing money without our consent. It is really not encouraging.


Seun Olatunji

So all the millions they give those their ambassadors, it should bounce back on us abi? Must they have ambassadors in the first place? Why would they inconvenient customers just to satisfy their own pocket? We would fight it if they dare it.


Okeke Ify

On what locus would they increase tariff? Some networks are terrible,  even after subscribing for data, you wouldn’t enjoy it. Now they are planning to increase tariff again, they shouldn’t even consider it.


Ogehi Udoko

When we are happy that some network providers have yanked off the N10, N20 naira on their cards, why would they stab us at the back again? It wouldn’t be funny really.


Alice Omagu

I don’t support such rubbish, it is a way of exploiting us. They should rather stop charging us unnecessarily. I loaded N1,000 on my phone and before I know it, they had deducted N300. After calling their customer care I was told I subscribed for something, we argued for more than 30mins because I didn’t subscribe for anything. Are they not supposed to address issues like this instead of increasing tariff?


Chinyere Obi

I don’t support that at all. For the past two months I have loaded than N200 at a time. At times, it might be that amount I would have for a week. They should know we re just struggling to load our phones. If they increase tariff, we would not recharge again and it will affect them.


Alaba Idowu

They dare not do that, I would lead a campaign against it on social media. Can’t we enjoy anything in this country again? I pray it is just a rumour.


It was alleged that telecom subscribers in the country may pay more for telecom services if the industry regulator accedes to telecom operators’ demand for 100% increase in prices of data and voice calls.

Several sources within the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and from within the industry have stated there are fresh moves to review call and data tariffs upward by about 100 per cent.


An NCC official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he has not been cleared to speak on the matter, said telecom operators had been making a case for price increment since the first quarter of this year.

He said they complained of rising cost of production and that they could no longer carry on with current call and data prices.

“The costs of expanding capacity and their networks have increased with the devaluation of the Naira against the US Dollars, and most consumers now spend less on telecommunication services, especially voice calls, compared to previous years,” another official at the NCC said.

Experts said due to rapidly declining average revenue per user for voice calls, which since 2004 has decreased from just over $15 per month per subscriber to a new low of $4 due to the current economic crisis, telecos have been finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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