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Landlords no longer discriminate against Igbo, single women -AS RECESSION CONTINUES

‘Even, they have dropped some charges’ -ESTATE AGENTS CONFIRM


As the nation’s economy is yet to improve, and more Nigerians are either losing their jobs while some at work are not even paid or under paid. More and more tenants are vacating their apartments and moving to new places where rent is affordable irrespective of location or proximity to their places of work.

However, unlike in the past,’s findings have revealed that most Yoruba landlords in Lagos have stopped discriminating against the tenants from other tribes, especially the easterners and single ladies as the present economic situation has forced them to settle for any tenant that’s financially buoyant and can afford even more than a year rent at a stretch.

Confirming the story, Mr. Tunmise Adebiyi of Rejoice Estate Ltd, Abule Egba, Lagos said, “Yes, that’s very correct. Many landlords don’t mind where you come from now, all they’re after is their money. Everything is cash and carry now. Also, some charges have been downwardly reviewed. There’s room for negotiation now. Even, in some areas, someone few charges are no longer included depending on the owner of the property. All because of the present economic situation. Even, landlords at times reduce the rent when the prospective tenants can’t afford it. That’s why you see some moving  from Ikeja to Agege, Iyana Ipaja, Abule Egba even to Ishaga, Agbado Oke-Aro axis where rent is relatively cheaper not even minding the distances to their places of work. So, things have changed drastically with the exception of few landlords and estate agents.”

Corroborating Adebiyi’s submission, Mr. Obi Uzor of Obi and Co property, Ogba, Lagos also reacted, “That’s true, things have changed. Everything is negotiable now even including rent unless your property will just be there wasting. Before now, the commission on every rent used to be 10% but now it has been reduced to 5%. Few charges have also been reviewed or removed outrightly to enable the prospective and willing users afford the total package. If you insist on certain amount as an agent, you’re most likely to lose out.

“Also, landlords no longer bother whether you’re an Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba. They don’t even want to know whether you’re married or single, all they’re after is their money. Gone are the days when a Yoruba landlord will tell you if you’re an Igbo man, no way. But now, everything has changed because of the situation in the country.”

Also, Mr. Adetunji Babalola of Babs Investment and Properties, Ikeja, Lagos stated, “Things are not really how they used to be concerning landlord-tenant issue. Many landlords have changed from their conservative ways. Before the recession came in, most landlords will give you instruction not to let their house to easterners because they usually vomit trouble when their rents expire. They don’t care to even pay three year rent, but there’s always one crisis or the other when that rent expires. Also, most single ladies give most of them problems because they will be coming in with different men among whom may be criminals. But now, no one cares who you are. All they want is your ability to pay the rent because most apartments are begging for who will occupy them now. So, the economy has really contributed a lot the reason some Yoruba landlord, especially, relaxed on all the conditions.”



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