Lanre Gentry unreliable: Here are 2 more lies of Mercy Aigbe’s husband

Larry Gentry & Mercy Aigbe6

The marital mess of star actress Mercy Aigbe and her hotelier and auto merchant husband, Lanre Gentry, is a difficult plot to follow as misinformation is flying around over the 7-year ill-fated union.

It is cumbersome to decipher what is actually the facts of the case as the couple haul mud at each other.
From allegations of ridiculous adultery to battery, tales of mental illness to the abandonment of her parents, we are entertained regularly with salacious details.
But two of the details are more confusing than others:
1. The accusation of Mercy having mental issues has been denied and restated in one week.
While he granted an interview on Wednesday, May 3, to BONONLINE that his wife and mother of his 6 year old son (Juwon) has mental issues, he denied the interview on Thursday, May 4, when went to his Oregun, Ikeja (Lagos) office.
He told “How can learn say that to my wife? I can’t abuse or insult my wife publicly, it’s not done. So, I don’t know where and how they got what they posted. Besides, I have not even granted anybody any interview since. It’s nothing but a lie…”
But quoted Lanre Gentry maintaining that Mercy Aigbe really has mental issues:
“I don’t want to say anything more about my marriage for now. When it is the right time, everyone will know the truth. Mercy has mental illness and l have taken her to several places all in a bid to get a cure. Right now, l have been prevailed on not to say anything again.”
2. Another confusion Lanre Gentry (52) spread was to deny that there was a problem in his marriage.
He also denied ever beating his 38 year old wife.
But events and pictures, including a court case before an Ogba (Ikeja, Lagos) magistrate court, have clearly shown the discord in the union.
The story being spread is that he constantly battered his wife throughout the marriage, and landed in hospital and few times.

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