Last days of Bravo Weekly publisher, Dada Eriye -‘He mentored and nurtured me’ – Amodu Adeyemi, in-law

We condole with you on the death of your in-law.  What would you miss most about him?

I will miss everything about him.  I am not just an ordinary in-law, he groomed me, I worked with him before I became his in-law.  We started together when I was struggling to be a man.  He mentored and nurtured me. He made me his HR when he started Bravo.  At the point of death, I drove him to the hospital.  I spoke with him.  Though I have not been working for him, I freelance for him.

Can you recall his last advice to you?

I can’t really say the last advice, because he advised me regularly, he encouraged me.

Can you recall your last moment with him?

I was with him because I rushed him to the hospital around 11 p.m on February 14.  We went to a private hospital at Ikeja, then to Igbobi, then to LUTH around 2 a.m.   They attended to us around 4 a.m, but he was like, ‘Yemi, all is well.’  I said, ‘Sir, don’t talk because of your condition.’  After he was attended to, he told me when you get home, tell my wife to give you my phone.  Call Ejiro, tell him what happened because he was supposed to meet with Delta State Governor that morning at Eko Hotel Signature. I did exactly what he told me to do.  When I got back to the hospital, a doctor came and asked me if I believe in Jesus Christ, I said yes.  We prayed together.  Mr. Eriye said the Lord is his personal Saviour, then he spoke in tongues and before we told him to calm down, he was rushed to the ICU.  On Wednesday, when I got there, they told us he had passed on.

What is your advice to his widow?

The Lord is with us and they she should have it at the back of her mind the Lord is with us.  He is in the bosom of the Lord.

–   Story and interviews by DOLAPO AMODENI and NKECHI IBEMERE

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