Last days of Bravo Weekly publisher, Dada Eriye – ‘I will miss his advice’- Arthur Eriye, younger brother

We condole with you on the death of your brother.  How do you feel?

4It is one of those things.  My brother has passed on.  We feel the grief and the pain.  We miss him.  We have been together for years, it definitely got to us.

What would you miss about him?

Apart from being my brother, I actually worked with him. I will miss his advice, his guidance.  I am also in the industry, most times, we rub minds.

Can you recall his last advice to you?

I can’t pinpoint any particular advice.  I have a news blog.  A lot of times, he gives me advice on the kind of news I will post on my website and how to go about it.

Can you recall the last moment you spent together?

We spoke on Thursday, February 12, on a business plan before the incident happened on Saturday.

How would you cope without him?

It’s only God that can make us cope without him.  Although it’s not going to be easy, he was a great man.  He lives on in our hearts.

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