Last days of Bravo Weekly publisher, Dada Eriye: ‘We had many memorable times together’-Princess, daughter

 We sincerely condole with you on the death of your father.  How do you feel?

I feel broken.  I don’t know how I feel, but a part of me feels joyful because I know my dad is in a better place.

1-002What would you miss most about him?

Before I got married, my dad was my best friend.  I was closer to him than anyone.  We were very close, we talked a lot.  We can talk about nothing for hours and we won’t feel like leaving each other.

Can you recall his last advice to you?

Yes, I remember.  In December, he did something to me that got me annoyed and I told myself that I would not call him again.  But on the first of January 1, 2015, I decided to send him a New Year message.  So, he smiled and said, this year, make up your mind not to hold grudge against anyone.  And I laughed and told him I won’t hold grudge against anyone.  That was the last advice he gave me that I can recall.

When was your most memorable moment together?

We had many memorable times together.  I cannot pick any because we were so close, we were happy together.  But after my wedding, I went home the following day to pick something and for some minutes we sat down to gist.  I will miss those moments too.

How would you cope now that he has passed on?

I will cope very fine, once I remember that he is in a better place.  My pastor said if they wake him up now, he will say why did you wake me up?  I think that was the reason and it is a strong consolation for me.  I believe he is in a better place.

How would you describe your late father?

My dad was very friendly, always happy.  He had a large heart.  He was always willing to help, he was a good man.

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