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‘LASTMA officials are more interested in bribes’ – Motorists


The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) is charged with the responsibility of transforming the state transport system to ensure free flow of traffic in the state and also reduce road accidents. However, Lagosians are complaining about the activities of some LASTMA officials. It has been alleged that they have turned extortioners, making life unbearable to motorists and drivers. findings revealed the opinions of commercial drivers as they confirmed the havoc caused by LASTMA officers on the roads….


‘They frustrate drivers’ – Mr. Ikedi Chidi

I would say only 10 percent are doing their work. The remaining 90 percent are just using their uniform to make money and to frustrate drivers. The little mistakes they ought to correct are taken up. They use drivers as their ATM.

But some drivers are truly obstinate. The ones who obey are still punished. They can charge you N7,000 or N8,000, and if you attempt to claim your right or argue, they can issue tickets of N30,000, N40,000 or N50,000. Also, when they find out that you are not Yoruba, they would pester you more.

Government should do follow-ups on their activities to ensure they carry out their functions appropriately.


‘We face hell on this road’ – Mr. Marvel Agba

Actually, some are doing well. About three months ago, they were rude, wicked and arrogant. They threatened people, arrest you without uniform, prolong unnecessary issues, infact, we face hell on this road! They collect bribe and can issue tickets of N20,000 or N40,000. They are heartless and desperate in punishing drivers.

I would advice monitoring agencies are set up to check their activities and attitudes. Also, a medium should be out in place so that we can seek redress on issues we find unjust.


‘They collect illegal amounts’ – Mr. Azeez

They collect illegal amounts. They do not warn before punishing drivers. Sometimes when they catch a driver, they would demand N3,000 for settlement or N5,600 if one is taken to the office, not to talk of N20,000 for ticket.


‘They arrest us illegally’ – Mr. John

They arrest us illegally, especially those positioned at car parks. It is only those along the road that do their assigned work. If you were arrested, you could be charged from N5,000 to N10,000.


‘I just hate their attitude’ – Anonymous

They do the unexpected. They work for their own personal gain. They would pretend by taking you to their office to make it look official on the pretext to get money from you. You could be asked to pay N7,000 and if you refuse to pay, they can issue a ticket of N20,000 out of annoyance. I just hate their attitude.

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