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Lavish weddings are for the rich and famous

Lavish and flamboyant weddings are for the rich and famous who spend a tiny fraction of their income on magical, Hello-like nuptials.

If your parents are not stinking rich, live in the best part of town in their own homes and have tons of money stashed away…you should shun that lavish wedding. 
If you have to struggle to save and scrounge and beg to have an elaborate wedding, you are living a lie – with your marriage at risk of divorce.
Experts have listed the correlation of lavish nuptials to marital troubles, and you should give your union a far better chance of survival. 
Researchers claimed that the risk of divorce is high when the ceremonies are lavish because love is discounted as the couple put unnecessary attention on the day instead of their future.
Here are some highlights from different studies about the danger of lavish weddings as compiled by Encomium Weekly:
1. You begin your life in debt, raise unrealistic expectations 
From pre-wedding pictures, the hall, food and drinks, the attires, rings and accessories, photographs and video to makeup, decorations and more, the cost centres are humongous.
Do you want to act a high-budget one-day movie? Do you have the means? Who are you trying to impress?
2. You put all your energy on looking flamboyant on the day, getting strangers satiated and forget the principal reason for a wedding
It takes months to plan a grand ceremony, and the attention needed to get it right is tiresome.
The energy and resources expended to satisfy majorly strangers are unnecessary.
You push your love to the background as you weigh unimportant factors in matrimony.
3. You put too much pressure on your relationship as getting everything right for one day take precedence 
You task your love as you disagree on venue and caterers, guests and nonsensical things that jeopardise the love and trust you have built over the years.
4. Reality sinks in shortly after the hoopla
And once that day is over, you are forced to face reality.
Unless you have a lot of money stashed away, or you get more money than you spent, you will regret your vanity.
You begin to calculate and quarrel over ludicrous issues.
5. You forget many important things that make matrimony last
In the frenzy of impressing those who don’t care about you, you forget to nurture and weed your love.
The uproar of the day steals the foundation of your union…

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