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Lekan Shonde settles down in Ikoyi Prisons

 -Inside his cell and what he has been up to

Lekan Shonde, 51, facing trial over the alleged murder of his 37 year-old wife and mother of his two children (Ronke), is settling down well in Ikoyi Prisons (Lagos).

Remanded on the orders of Chief Magistrate O.I Adelaja on Friday, May 20, the dock worker accused of killing his wife of 8 years with a blow to the head is making the best of his circumstances at the prisons.

For now, he has not been issued any prison uniform!

An inside source disclosed to ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, June 4,2016 that the reason Shonde is yet to be given a prison uniform now is not unconnected with the fact that he has not been convicted.

The source explained further, “Lekan Shonde is not a convict yet, so he can’t wear prison uniform or have any tag now. He’s in a common cell at the moment with others who are also awaiting trial. Being remanded doesn’t mean you have become a prisoner yet. And in that case, you can’t have a prison uniform and number of identification. It’s just like being in police custody. It’s after a suspect has been convicted in the court of law that he or she automatically becomes a criminal and then begins to serve a jail term as the case may be.

“However, the guy has not been arraigned as being interpreted in some quarters. He was only docked on Friday, May 20, 2016. The guy will be properly arraigned on Friday, June 24, 2016.”

On Thursday, May 5, 2016, Shonde, a dock worker, reportedly beat his wife to death in their Egbeda, Lagos residence. The alleged heinous act has attracted a lot of public attention. Equally, it kept many who wanted to know if Shonde actually committed the crime, in suspense for days not until the autopsy confirmed that Ronke, mother of two children, a boy and a girl, actually died from blow to the head as contained in the charge sheet presented in court on Friday, May 20, 2016.

And in that respect, the magistrate in charge of the case, Mrs. O. I. Adelaja declared that Shonde has committed a capital offence in line with Administration of Criminal Justice Law, section 246(1) of Lagos state, and be remanded in Ikoyi Prisons for 30days while his case file be transferred to the office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice.


…A visit to Ikoyi Prisons

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s check at Ikoyi Prisons on Monday,June 6, 2016, revealed that Lekan Shonde shaves regularly (now looks finer than when he was brought in), attends church regularly, changes clothes (only entitled to three sets of clothes), frequently visited by family members, eats three square meals daily, very hale and hearty, relates with inmates normally.

“Lekan Shonde is a human being, he relates with other inmates normally. He’s in a normal cell for those awaiting trials, and the cell is not crowded. Nothing like cell A or B now, the rule doesn’t permit us to disclose to you unless you’re a member of his family. This is a prison, not a police station. So, there is nothing like torture here. He was charged to court by the police for allegedly killing his wife, he is yet to be convicted by any court.

“He’s here for safe-keep. Nothing must happen to him. There is nothing like hunger strike here. If he doesn’t want to eat, he will be referred to the welfare officer for proper counseling. But in his case, we serve him food, and he eats regularly. If any inmate is sick, there is a medical team in charge. So, Lekan Shonde is with us, hale and hearty, to prepare him mentally and physically sound so that he can face his trial in a better condition when the DPR is through with his file.  And that may not necessarily be that soon. But one thing is that his case is not going back to Magistrate court again because murder case is not treated at a lower court.”

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At 3,  Tiemo Crescent,  Egbeda

The murder scene, 3 Tiemo Crescent, Egbeda (Lagos), is still under lock and key. And insiders claimed that nothing had been touched at the apartment where Lekan and Ronke, along with their two children, lived since the tragedy of Thursday, May 5.

Only the police, accompanied by the accused, visited about a week after the murder.

It is unclear when the property of the accused and his family will be removed from the flat.




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