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Lekan Shonde was accused of being intensely jealous, shockingly insecure and recklessly violent

Described by family members and friends of Ronke Shonde as being intensely jealous, shockingly insecure and recklessly violent, they painted a sorry picture of a man driven by his demons to kill his wife.

Lekan Shonde was accused of being in the habit of harassing male colleagues of his wife, checking her Facebook page for men he suspected she’s dating, and beating her silly on several occasions. He even frequently went through her phones (which were with him when he surrendered), looking for slips of infidelity.

Report of a looming separation following the batteries was a constant feature.

But Lekan Shonde claimed that his wife admitted sleeping with a colleague on a four-day romp in Abuja.  That he eavesdropped as she narrated the enjoyable sexcapade on phone to her lover, and she  later begged for forgiveness.

He mentioned another instance when he chanced upon the lovers at their matrimonial home on a Sunday when he dashed back to pick an envelope. The lovers were said to be on their way to a rendezvous.

Meanwhile, Lekan Shonde was labelled a philanderer. And the appearance of a lovechild in 2015/2016, tormented Ronke who became depressed. Though he claimed he was framed and ready for a DNA test, he never did.

The 14 year age difference between the couple further plagued them as the last months together was full of turmoil.



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