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Lekan Shonde’s exclusive chat (Part 2) – 5 incoherent disclosures

As Police interrogators at Panti, Yaba, Lagos, continue to drill Lekan Shonde, the alleged wife killer who was convinced by friends to surrender to the Police after four days on the run, his interview with Chris Kehinde Nwandu yesterday (Monday, May 9) in the office of ACP Tunji Disu, the commander of Lagos’ Rapid Response Squad has kept raising fresh concerns.

In the second part of the interview, Lekan made some statements that begged more questions after careful consideration, fail to add up.

1. In his previous telephone interview with Punch, he stated categorically that the last time he laid his hands on his wife was three years ago, yet after his surrender, he admitted to slapping his late wife because she spent N20, 000 from the N100, 000 he gave her. “Nothing happened, I just stroke my hands around her face (probably slapped her)”, he said.

2. He claimed that the late Ronke was suffering from depression because “her brother hadn’t given her N1, 300,000 to buy a car of her own. Later she told me that the uncle said he’ll only give her N1, 000,000 and I promised to augment it with N300, 000. But since then, the uncle has not given her the money”.

3. Lekan said he had been doing all the cooking and laundry in the house since the wife got ‘depressed’. “Since then, she has been depressed. My wife stopped cooking for us. I did all the cooking. I don’t even ask her to wash my clothes; I did all a man should be able to do for his wife.”

4. He claimed she was sleeping on a couch when he left home that morning, yet when he was contacted that she had died, he ran away. He said he was on his way home when he called for an update and was told that there were police everywhere. “Based on this, I was scared. I called my father to tell him what happened and he told me that was terrible news and that I should go and sort it out. I had to stay away from the house and scene since then.”

5. He claimed not to be a violent person, forgetting he had on several occasions beaten his wife in the past. “I did not kill her. I regret the fact that she is dead. Those that know me will tell you CKN, that I am not a violent person. I just don’t know how she died, it could be spiritual.”

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