Lekki Robbery Update: ‘It’s sad that we won’t see her again’ – Cynthia Isola

IMG-20150320-00290How would you describe late Sarah Ibikunle?

She was a good girl.  She was very hard working and obedient.

How do you feel now that she is gone?

I feel sad.

How would you describe her tragic death?

It’s very painful.  So sad that we won’t see her anymore.

What class are you?

I am in Primary Six.

You live in the same community with Sarah?

Yes, I also live at Babalola.

Where are you from?

I am from Ilaje, Ondo State.

What would you say about some children hawking around?

It’s not their fault.  They are doing it to help their parents.

What do you want government to do about Sarah’s death?

I want government to help her family and arrest her killers.

What’s your advice for parents generally?

Parents should take good care of their children.

How old are you?

I am 13.

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