Lekki Robbery Update: ‘Sarah’s death was very unfortunate’ -Hope Nwabunor, Asst. Head Teacher


We commiserate with the school once again on the death of Sarah Ibikunle. 

Thank you so much.

How would you describe the girl?

Sarah was a promising girl.  She was so good and obedient.  She was well behaved.  Here was a girl who wanted to be a lawyer but the tragic and untimely death could not allow her realize her dream.  So sad and pathetic.  I for one won’t be happy if the police fail to investigate the matter and fish out her killers.  I want the government to bring the perpetrators of the evil act to book.  That kind of tragic incident shouldn’t be swept under the carpet.  Government shouldn’t rest until justice is done concerning the killers of the innocent girl.  And on the part of the family, I want the government to intervene on behalf of the family to settle the mortuary fee because I learnt they were asked to pay as much as N100,000.  And the family we visited, I am sure can’t raise that kind of amount. So, I want government to wade in and see what can be done to minimize the hardship of the family.

How long have you been in this school?

I was posted here about four months ago.

What’s your advice to parents sending their children out to hawk?

Sending children out to hawk is not good.  It’s child abuse.  Parents should try as much as possible to provide for their children.  They should ensure their children are given adequate care.  Sending children to hawk should not be encouraged at all.

But some are doing that because of the poverty in the land.

Yes, I am aware things are hard.  There is no job, a lot of families find it difficult to make ends meet.  It’s out of these little trading activities that they feed themselves and they felt they can’t do it all alone, and that’s why they engage the children.  But I will also advise government to provide employment.  They should also ensure power supply is taken care of because if there is regular supply of electricity, a lot of people who are self employed will make use of that and fend for their families.  No one is happy sending out his or her children to hawk.  Some children even go out early in the morning to hawk before they come to school and also return to the streets immediately after school, just to help their families.  But it’s just that Sarah’s case was very unfortunate.  She came to school that very day.  I saw her, she was always a happy child, only to hear that she had been killed in the evening of that same day.  It’s so sad.  And since then, no arrest has been made.  It’s very unfortunate that the security situation in the country is nothing to write home about.  You can imagine armed robbers robbing a bank in the afternoon and no arrest has been made till now.  Government should do more in the aspect of security so that we could be safe.  Although it’s God that protects and guards us, government should also live to expectations.

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