Lekki Robbery Update: ‘Why Sarah’s burial was delayed’ – Tobi Ibikunle, Uncle

We sympathise with the family on the death of Sarah Ibikunle.

Thank you very much.

What’s the situation now concerning her corpse at the mortuary and burial arrangement?

The issue on ground right now is that we went to the hospital to collect her corpse yesterday but they refused to release it to us.  They said we should go for autopsy on the body.  Even when we got a letter from the police for the release of the body, they still said no.  We just have to get a doctor to do the autopsy.  And according to information from the hospital, doctors are already on strike, and they will look for a doctor to help us for the autopsy.  We were surprised because the arrangement we had with the hospital was that we would collect the corpse and bury it on Friday, which is today.  But at the end of it, we still couldn’t resolve the situation.  I now called their managing director.  She sent me a text that I should call her today.  When I called her today, she told me there was too much pressure on her.  She said we should go to the mortuary and collect the body.  So, I later called one of their workers who also witnessed the situation when we were dragging the issue with the hospital management on Thursday.  The guy called me today that we should pick the corpse but I told him it’s not possible again to come today because the initial arrangement was to take the corpse on Thursday and bury it today but since it was not released to us yesterday, that means we won’t be able to bury her today again.

When do you now want to collect the corpse and bury it?

We will surely collect it on Monday and it will be buried immediately.

Have you informed the hospital management of the time you’re coming to pick the corpse?

They told us that we can come at any time to pick the corpse.

What of the autopsy, are you not doing it again?

Yes, no need for any autopsy again.

What of the mortuary fee and all other charges you’re asked to pay?

They also said we’re not going to pay anymore.  The first day we took the corpse there, they told us we would pay for the mortuary, other charges and N700 per day till we take away the corpse from the mortuary.  But when the matter became public, maybe they got a call from the Ministry of Health, they now said we should not pay anything again, that the corpse has become that of government.  Now, we’re not paying again.  The only things we’re paying for are the casket and ambulance to get the corpse to the burial ground.

Where are you planning to bury her now?

We’re planning to bury her at Ikoyi Cemetery, Laos.  It’s the Executive Secretary, Iru/Eti Osa Local Council, Hon. Prince Arobadade that called the cemetery management that they should give us a space where the girl would be buried.  He was even the one that called the hospital, called the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) to give us a letter to facilitate the release of the corpse.  He even gave the family some money for all the running around.  On behalf of our family, I sincerely appreciate him and God will continue to bless him.

What do you do for a living?

I am a boat captain.  I work with Chicken Republic.  I also work with Vetamega.  I am also a swimming coach.

How would you describe Sarah?

She was a calm girl.  She was intelligent and very hard working.  We all loved her and we will really miss her.  Since the incident, our family has been in deep sorrow.  We discuss her matter every minute.  Her death was a great loss.  Even at times I would have mentioned her name before I realize she is no more with us.  Very sad.

What’s the name of the hospital where Sarah’s body was deposited?

That’s Mainland Hospital, Yaba.  I would have given you all the papers signed there and the copy of the letter we wrote to the hospital for the release of Sarah’s corpse but that’s not necessary again, so far everything has been resolved.  We have been asked to come for the corpse without paying anything again.


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