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Lesbianism tales: actresses Ini Edo Ehiagwina/Tonto Dikeh fingered!

Ini responds: “I am not a lesbian”

Hubby lends voice to hers, “Enough is enough!”

THE internet is once again abuzz with Ini Edo’s gist.  Here’s what is causing the flame as published by an online site.  “Her marriage to Philip is crumbled but is yet unconfirmed as it was reported recently that she’s facing a hard time with her marriage from her in-laws due to childlessness.”  The report goes on further to indicate that, “Ini Edo and Tonto Dike who were said to have both got drunk even to stupor a while ago at a movie location somewhere in the East and engaged in the ungodly act. The report has it that, Ini Edo and Tonto, ever since they spent that night together, have also been seeing glued together like the Siamese’s twins at a bar tucked somewhere around Alpha Beach, Lekki/Ajah area of Lagos.”  In a follow up publication the internet site claimed Ini’s hubby, Phillip called up the man who did the story and threatened his life, the site put up an SOS alert informing the public that if anything happened to the writer of the story, Mr. Ehiagwina should be held responsible.  We contacted Ini Edo to hear her side and here’s what she said.  “I really didn’t want to give this publication any relevance but I think for the sake of my fans, I owe them some sort of explanation.  I am not a lesbian, I am happily married and have no reason to indulge in such despicable act.  I don’t need to say too much on this but I think it has come to a point now where I will sue whoever writes anything so malicious, whatever proof they have should be brought to court, I am tired of defending myself when lies are published.  From now on, I will seek legal redress from any bollocks published about me.  As for the man who published that story, we will see in court, I will follow this case with my last penny till justice is meted out.”

The hubby had this to say, “I am tired of all these lies published about my wife, did she step on anyone’s toes that they are doing this to her?  As for the writer of the story, he’s just a liar, I didn’t threaten him, I only told him to be ready to produce hardcore evidence on the trash he published about my wife, he was the one that threatened to deal with me presswise and I was really shocked to see his publication online claiming I had threatened his life.  This all goes to show that he is a liar.  If he also has evidence that I threatened his life, he should bring it to court.  Enough is enough of all these lies, it’s really enough!”

Tonto Dikeh, however could not be reached as at the time of hitting the press.  We hope to get her side of the story next week.


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