Let’s get the ball rolling!

LET’S get the high-octane ball with all the elements of 7-star rating bouncing.  As the day draws near, the charitable and kind-hearted and all those who line behind rewarding projects and lofty dreams are with us as we plot The Black & White Ball, incorporating the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards and showcasing jaw-dropping duds.

August has been penciled for the fabulous ball –and the venue is a spectacular gem in the heart of New Lagos.

Long after the World Cup in Brazil would have produced a winner (on July 13) and Ramadan would have wrapped up (on July 28/29), The Black & White Ball will take centre stage and rock hither and thither at a 6-hour extravaganza you won’t stop talking about.

We are now ready to pamper our guests, stars of movies and music, comedy and television, and serious entrepreneurs and professionals and uncommon politicos, to a heart-thumping rensdezvous.

So, ladies and gentlemen, those we are honoured to have on our guest list, the ball is rolling, and you should fine-tune and finalise your preparations.  We here at ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, can’t wait to surprise you pleasantly.


2-003Any event worth its weight, especially a high-octane and fabulous ceremony like The Black & White Ball, demands enormous support –from resources to energy and time.  And we have lorry loads of supporters, people and organizations who have allowed us to perch on their shoulders so that we can see far, become more confident and courageous, dream and dare.

From service providers to associates and partners who bring money and expertise to the table, we have ample support.  And for this reason, we can claim that this year’s ball will be as exciting as it is entertaining and enjoyable.

For one, we have Intercontinental Distillers Limited, producers of world class drinks which turn ceremonies into festivals, with us.  Like last year when they turned the ball into a refined carnival, this edition will even be better.

And many companies, dozens of them with international connections are throwing their weights behind us.

But we ask for more.  We plead for more support from organizations and people who can elevate more this ball which has established itself as the untouchable.

Do you have what it takes to amplify a ceremony and position it into a league of one?

Then, please call, text or email us (at 08055002034, or, and let us surpass expectations.


3-003It takes more than a village to raise a child, and putting together a ball in the mold of a royal event requires an assemblage of uncommon resources and abundant encouragement.

And every year, we have torrents of support from different quarters.  Many come to our aid by picking branded tables of ten guests.

These tables (at a token) are planted in the hub of the marquee, and receive special attention by dedicated ushers.  What’s more, roll-up banners of your organization and logo on our backdrops are two of the benefits…

Kindly call, text or mail us (at 08055002034 or


We are learning every day how to put together an event the finicky and enlightened in premier leagues will romanticize.  Our major preoccupation is ensuring that our guests have fond memories of a ceremony with all the ingredients of A-list shindig.

So, we start with an unbeatable theme, dress and colour code.  It is a ball, the cream of ceremonies where premium is placed on pleasure.

The Black & White Ball parades many spectacular twists and turns in six hours.  You have the welcome reception on expansive black carpet where there are colourful cocktails in small and large glasses.  Here, you catch your breath, pose for photographs and talk to the cream of society media.  You will meet friends and acquaintances and make new alliances.  Don’t forget our photo studio decorated like a billionaire’s pad!

In the marquee where entertainment is redefined, you will be treated to clean fun –comedy, music and fashion. And there’s the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards where leaders and icons are serenaded and rewarded.

Don’t let’s go into the food and drinks.  We are plotting an 8-course dinner with all the finest drinks under the sky and the sun.

Now, let’s talk about the ambience.  Everywhere you turn has a stamp of beauty and opulence and splendor.  From ceiling to floor and your table.  Come with us as we rewind to the invitees. Only those adorning the most elegant duds in monochrome are welcome. It’s a black tie event, remember?

So, our guests are dressed to the nines in glamorous garbs in black and white.

Dames and damsels have an array of choices.  Their dresses, their elegant occasion wears, can be floor-skimming or knee length, with different sleeves and straps.

Those who prefer traditional garments can pick the classic iro and buba, the George wrapper with sequined blouse or the form-fitting skirt and blouse.

If you can manage killer heels, you are on the same page with us. But those gracefully ageing and charming can opt for more comfortable shoes.

Gentlemen should wear tuxedo, crisp white shirt, tie, cummerbund or waist coat and shoes with high-class finish.

Dandies and students who love traditional togs can choose any ceremonial regalia of any ethnic group in monochrome –from agbada and babariga to many more.

All these elements –the theme, colour and dress code, entertainment content, guests and what’s on our menu –elevate the ball to the league of one…


The classy and elegant invitation card will soon leave the presses and land on your table.  Yes, our esteemed guests, Nigeria’s most engaging and colourful characters will soon begin to get their invitation cards.

You know we always emphasise painstaking planning and attention to the minutest detail.  We can only ask you to do the same, and begin early and serious preparations.

Think about your ensemble and company (who will accompany you to the ball, and when and how you will arrive the venue).

We are ready to pamper you to pleasure…

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