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Licorice reduces fertility and lowers sex hormones

New study reveals that  licorice destroys women’s fertility. A compound called isoliquiritigenin (iso) contained in licorice (a sweet aniseed-base treat) hinder sex hormones in the ovaries. It’s also known to lower estrogen levels.

Co-lead author of the study at the University of Illinois, USA, Professor Jodi Flaws, observed that when you start to have lower hormone levels, you could start to have problems with reproduction.

This is because estrogen is also important for healthy brains, healthy bones, a healthy cardiovascular system, and if the levels are depleted for too long, you could have problems with those systems.

Surprisingly, isoliquiritigenin (iso) is an effective way of preventing some cancers, but its side effects causes infertility in women.

Licorice is a perennial plant found in Europe and Asia. The sweet root contains a compound that is 50 times sweeter than sugar.




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