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Life Continental Lager Beer titled Mmanya Oganiru at Nri, The Cradle of Igboland

Dong! Dong!! Dong!!! That was the sound of the gong that signalled the start of the title conferment ceremony held recently in Anambra state for Life Continental Lager Beer.

Honoured with the title, ‘Mmanya Oganiru” meaning beer for progress, the kola-nut breaking session was accompanied by the sound of the horns. The sound wafted through the air that blew against the flaps of branded Life beer banners outside the venue.

At the Nri Town hall, Anambra, the guests were held to the spectacular sight of traditional dancers as they pranced around the space where they performed. Famed for being the ancestral home of the Igbos, Nri has always been a melting pot of the Igbo tribes. In the spirit of camaraderie sealed with those clashing hand-crafted hand fans, the city paid homage to Life Continental Lager beer, which is at the centre of progress in Igboland.

Full beam headlights came into view as vehicles marked with the Life Lager beer logo moved in a coordinated procession around the streets of Anambra to pay courtesy visits to select bars as well as royal palaces. The sight of red caps was everywhere- a usual scenario at Igbo ceremonies.

The beer of progress, Life Lager beer made its entry into the beer culture with the establishment of a brewery in Onitsha as far back as 1981. The journey has been adventurous and progressive with many small businesses catering to the brand’s needs. For instance, there are distributors, marketers, bar owners, bar attendants, and a wide range of other workers who have directly and indirectly benefited from the supply chain. For that contribution to the livelihood of many in that region and beyond, many of the eyewitnesses at the conferment ceremony and tours commended the effort of the brand in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Aishat Anaekwe, the Senior Brand Manager, Life Continental Lager Beer expressed her excitement at the conferment saying,

“This is a valuable gift to our brand and we are excited to receive this title. We understand that to whom much is given, much is expected. For this reason, the Life Lager beer brand will continue to forge ahead with more initiatives that will drive progress”

Kehinde Kadiri, the Portfolio Manager-mainstream Lagers, shared this same sentiment in her remarks at the conferment ceremony.

“We are delighted at this rare honour bestowed on the Life Continental Lager Beer- a brand that has made a name for itself for promoting the values of unity, integrity, and progress of the Easterners. The Mmanya Oganiru title is one that is laden with a renewed sense of responsibility for the brand in the region as we chart the path to future progress,” she said.



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