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Life Lager Continental Beer receives Mmanya Oganiru title

… Becomes First Beer Brand to Receive such a Title

The leading beer brand for the Southeast region of Nigeria, Life Lager beer last weekend was conferred the Mmanya Oganiru title by traditional rulers across the east.

The event which held at the Nri Town Hall, Anambra State, the birthplace of Igboland, saw the chairman Anaocha council of traditional rulers, HRH Igwe O. D. Ezeani, Ugonabo Neni,  HRM Igwe C. N. Okpala, Ezennebo Akwaeze, HRH Igwe I. E. Obodakor, Ezennobi Ezeani Agulu and HRH Igwe R. U. Iloduba, Ezeohanyelu II Aguluzigbo gather to celebrate the foremost beer brand.

Life Lager has a track record of impactful projects that have touched individuals, communities, and businesses across Nigeria through several initiatives including the lighting up of the Niger Bridge, the iconic link bridge between Southeastern and Western Nigeria as well as the support of small scale business owners across southeast Nigeria through its empowerment program, Progress Booster.

In recognition of the brand’s unwavering commitment to SouthEast Nigeria, the event highlighted the Nri tradition based on the values of peace, truth, and harmony. Nri is considered the ancestral home to the Igbos; Nri Town Hall was first built in 1952 through a collective effort of the Ndigbos to promote the life-long tradition of sharing.

His Majesty, Eze Obidiegwu Onyensoh (Nri Enwelana), the traditional ruler of Nri Kingdom, Anambra State in a statement on the conferment said, “To confer this title on Life Lager beer is to accept the brand as a part of our culture. Titles are usually given as a way of celebrating the virtues of integrity and significant contribution to the development of Igboland. Life Lager has made some tremendous marks in the lives of our people by helping small businesses and lighting up the Niger Bridge. We want to encourage the brand and others to keep carrying the torch of progress.”

Life Lager has lived up to the title ‘Mmanya Oganiru’ which means ‘Beer for Progress’ through its developmental projects. For instance, the multi-million Naira project of illuminating the Niger Bridge was hinged on the need to establish a closer bond with its core consumers whilst celebrating the progressive spirit of the Igbo people.

Speaking on the conferment, the Portfolio Manager – Mainstream Brands, NB Plc., Kehinde Kadiri said,

“At Nigerian Breweries, we recognize the importance of the title of “Mmanya Oganiru” to the Life Lager beer brand. This title is one that is laden with a renewed sense of responsibility for the brand as we chart the path to future progress,”  

Over the years, Life Lager Beer has been at the forefront of promoting Igbo culture by building its brand around the progressive nature of the Igbo man and supporting initiatives that showcase Igbo traditions in great light. Owing to its strong connection with South-Eastern Nigeria, the brand has continued to champion recognition of the can-do spirit and steady drive for progress associated with people from the region.

Life Continental Lager Beer which was first produced in 1981 in Onitsha, Anambra state, as a regional Eastern beer, has since grown to become one of the biggest beer brands in Nigeria, while still maintaining its strong Igbo roots.



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