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LILIAN AFEGBAI on life after Big Brother Hotshots

LILIAN Afegbai, former Big Brother Hotshots housemate is already enjoying after the reality show.  It is gradually bringing her fortune and fame with series of endorsements from Multichoice and scripts from Nollywood.  She is on her way to fulfilling her dreams.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about life after Big Brother.


How will you describe life after Big Brother Africa?

Life has been fun.  It has been different and adventurous.  I have had more opportunities.  I think generally my life is much more better because it has given me a rich platform to showcase myself.  It is left for me to use the platform very well.

How will you describe the Big Brother experience?

It wasn’t easy.  Before we went into the house, we were camped somewhere because of the fire incident. It was new, I have not really lived with that number of people.  It wasn’t easy but I had to remain happy. I told myself that I should be happy.  It was fun.

lilian2Were you optimistic the show would continue despite the inferno?

I am a very positive person.  Whenever anything negative happens or any barrier crops up, I try to see the positive side of it.

What were some of the lessons you learnt from the show?

I learnt that you can never say you cannot do something without trying it out first.  Big Brother explored the things you never believed you could do. I have learnt that you should give back to the society, no matter how small.  Big Brother used the platform to help someone.  I have learnt to give back to the society.

You didn’t stay long in the house, do you think there were certain things you did not do right?

I did not stay long in the house.  It had nothing to do with what I was doing right or wrong. It was just unfortunate that I and Tayo were up for eviction the same time. It is always difficult when two people from the same country are up for eviction the same time.  For me, I don’t think it was about doing anything right or wrong.  Big Brother is about being yourself. I was just myself.

Any hard feeling that you didn’t stay long in the house?

No.  Actually, like I said, I am a very positive person, I used it to my advantage.  Since I came out, I have done a couple of endorsements.  I have an acting job going on too.  There is a reason for everything.

Who were your closest friends on the show?

I have like two, three – Tayo and Small Pepper, the girl from Uganda, Esther.  They were both real. I wouldn’t say it was because Tayo is a Nigerian.  If the Nigerian was annoying, I wouldn’t make such a friend.  Tayo was a friend, a brother. He will tell me to my face if I am misbehaving.  Esther was a real girl, I love her so much.

There was a time you referred to Samantha as your friend?

Yes, she was a friend at a time too. I have some people I didn’t like.  I can’t call them enemy.  It is not possible to like everybody equally.

What has been keeping you busy since you got back?

Since I got back, I have been doing jobs, endorsements. I also got an acting job too.  I will be shooting very soon, I got endorsement with Multichoice.  I got scripts from Nollywood, my talk show will soon be ready.  I want to start it first quarter of next year.  Before I went for Big Brother, I had already started it.  The aim of the show is to help up and coming talents get closer to their dreams.

Were you disappointed that Tayo did not win?

Yes, I was and I was sad.  I was devastated, I was upset and angry.  I was depressed but I thought about it in the positive sense.  He is going to get bigger deal, he will get more than 300,000 US dollars.  I believe in him.

Was that why you wept inconsolably?

Yes, because I was hurt. If Tayo was not real, I wouldn’t support him.  When you see the truth, you wouldn’t pretend.  Tayo is my hero, he is my winner.

A lot of people criticized the choice of winner, they believe Idris was not supposed to win?

lilian3I can’t say Idris was not supposed to win.  Africa voted him as the winner, he has a strong competition but to me, I had another favourite.  Tayo was my favourite.

A lot of Nigerians have said they will not vote for Big Brother again because of what happened in this edition.

One thing Nigerians should know is that voting is not about one’s country, if one million people should vote in Nigeria, it is just one vote. I can’t say anybody was cheated. Idris was also a competition, maybe Africa did not see him as Nigerians saw him.  I can’t say Tayo was robbed or not robbed, Africa had the final say.  Tayo is still my winner, that is my opinion.

Was there any point you saw Tayo as a threat?

When I have a friend, I see life differently.  I don’t see life in a competition anymore. If Tayo won, I will be happy, I will still benefit from it.  We Africans are too jealous, that is why we think otherwise.  I was campaigning for Tayo.  I really wanted him to win.  So I will say no, I didn’t see him as a threat.

Are you in a relationship?

No, I am not at the moment. I had a relationship.  We broke up, parted ways. So, I am single.

Tell us your ideal man.

A man that is God fearing, a man that can give me attention, a very hard working man, strong, loving and caring. He must accept me as I am.

Tell us about background.

I went to Our Lady of Apostle Private School, Benin, Word of Faith College, then Benson Idahosa University.





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