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LIZZY ANJORIN clears air on husband snatching mess + My enemies are at work

Beautiful actress and CEO, Peak Me Reloaded, Alhaja Aisha (Lizzy) Anjorin has opened up on the alleged relationship with a UK based businessman, Wasiu Olayinka Gbadamosi, a.k.a Wese Peckham, that has reportedly broken the home of the latter.

The versatile film maker expressed dismay about the story that has been trending on social media for a couple of days, alleging her enemies are at work. She told ENCOMIUM Weekly more of about the truth concerning the rumoured dalliance when we had a chat with her shortly before she left the shores of Nigeria for the United States of America on Monday, May 4, 2015.


What happened in London on your last trip?

On that issue, I don’t think I owe anybody any explanation. This year alone, I have travelled to well over four countries. First, was America, then UK, Germany and back to Nigeria. Last month, I returned to the UK and during my stay in London, I saw a product I like to bring to Nigeria. Also, I planned to shoot a movie in the UK.  During the shooting which started in America, I needed to shoot a scene in snow flooded area but, at that time, there was no snow in America and I had to move to the UK.



We got to the UK too and there was no snow anywhere. Later, I returned to Nigeria. From here, I called Uncle Wasiu (Wese) about the product I saw in his office. I asked him what it will cost me to buy the product in the UK and bring it to Nigeria for sale. He told me it would be difficult but he can help me. So I went to London since he promised to help me. I got to London on April 17. So, on Sunday 19, we went for the product and he helped me with his membership card. We bought the product and returned to London.

I got close to him because he was the only person who has a membership card to the store where we bought the product. Aside that, I learnt that he has been very helpful to so many artistes who travelled to London. That was why I was very free with him. Everybody in London knows Wese Peckham is a cheerful giver.

Is it true you clubbed with the guy?

I had never been to any of their clubs. Since I have been going to London, I never slept in anybody’s house. While we were coming back from the store, the other guy who drove us dropped me at the hotel. Later, uncle Wese invited me to the cinema. Even here in Lagos, people know I love going to the cinemas.

So, he came with two other guys and we went to the cinema. The problem is that, he (Wese) is just like me. He calls every female my wife. I think one of the girls he calls wife called him while we were at the cinema and he jokingly said he was at the cinema with Liz.

For me, I know it is not strange when people hang out with celebrities; they want to show off to their friends. I remember he mentioned that at the cinema and gave me the phone to speak with the lady. That was all. I returned to my hotel after the movie. That weekend, he told me he was going to Birmingham to see his family. He returned on Monday and went straight to his business.

Why I am giving all these details is because of people who make bad comments on the internet. I have about three of them who helped me in London. I have Wese Peckham, Uncle Yomi, Dupe BnS and Yemi.

Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin

When did all these mess start?

I held an acting auditioning in London and a lot of guys showed up. That is why I was shocked when this issue of Wese Peckham came up. I don’t even expect him to be dragged into my issue at all. A lot of guys hover around me; I am damn sexy and you can’t rule that out.

I have good behaviour that can arrest any man’s heart. When I had Kofo de First Lady launch in London, guys were fighting over who will drive me to the venue and back to my hotel.  People would ask why I don’t go out with guys when I travel. I tell people I can’t do it. I told them if I do, my boyfriend will give me the Holy Quran to swear. And I cannot swear to falsehood. So, I won’t do it. My fiancé is a Muslim and I am a Muslim. If I am to date anyone in London, Wese is not even in the first 100 to be considered.

How did you hear about the story?

Somebody just called me from Nigeria that he sent me a link on WhatsApp. I didn’t open to see it. Later, another person munched the page and sent it to me. That was when I called Wese, that there is a story about his wife on the internet.  Of course you know me, if I have anything to do with him, I must have cursed his grandmother in the grave.

Do you have any clue as to the source of the earlier story?

Yes! I can remember a day I was on a train with a guy. The train stopped at Peckham. The guy told me he wants to go to Wese’s office and I told him I want to take a cab from there. I told him I was tired and the guy begged me to go with him to Wese’s office.  I went there with him and I was standing outside the office because my spirit did not want to go inside. He went inside and came back to tell me that my brother was inside. I went inside and saw Yomi and another younger guy.

That was when Yomi said the guy is a blogger. Immediately, I told him I don’t like bloggers. He told me that the guy is good… He played with me on that night. Later, he accused Wese of dating ladies they should be dating. I jokingly told him I will marry him if he is ready to give me his kidney for sale.

On another occasion, my brother (Yomi) called and I told him jokingly that I have packed to Wese’s house. My fiancé here in Nigeria is a bigger boy. He is a society big boy. Immediately, since he understood I was joking, he said I should be serious. And I told him I was in Travel Lodge (hotel).

What was blogger’s response when you called?

Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin

She told me that was how the story came and they gave her my hotel room number and other details. She said they told him I clubbed with the guy. That was wrong. I don’t go to club. Even here in Lekki, Lagos, I don’t go to club. If you see me in night club, I must be shooting a movie. I explained everything to about my business dealings with the guy.  I told her to remove the story for the sake of my family, friends and fans. But, I was shocked when she told me, she can’t remove the story because according to her, ‘they want to disgrace you more’. That was when I got mad at her. I asked who wanted to disgrace me. She said they are young in London and many. She told me practically, she cannot remove the story. So, I related all the event with Wese and with the reports and realized truly, some people have been sponsoring the story. Later, I sent her a message and she got mad. I was then wondering who is wicked. I called Wese and he told me they want to use the story to ruin him. He told me he spoke with his wife and they are cool. I was confused; I didn’t know who to accuse.  I didn’t want to accuse the wrong person.

You don’t seem to be happy with the people who leave negative comments on the story?

For those people writing these types of stories on me or leaving bad comments on the internet, they will die before their glory. I curse everybody behind the story with my Hajj and Tawaf. These people went ahead and wrote lies without hearing from me or the people involved. You can call the husband and find out.

I met this guy on the 19. I was in London for about 10 days. Is it possible for a 10 day relationship to wreck a marriage of over five years?  Is it possible to marry me in just 10 days? If that will happen, surely, not with a London based guy. Nigeria based guys are far ahead of them. How much do they earn?

Those guys are suffering. Some of them cannot afford 10 pounds. They don’t give out money; they collect money from people who come from Lagos. More so, it is not possible for a man to send his wife packing over there. Women own that country. I don’t even have time for all these rubbish they are dragging me into. I just came to Nigeria on Friday, I am going back on Monday to anchor an event in America. That is another 14hours journey on air. That shows how busy I am.


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