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London is world’s best city, Lagos appears at 30th spot

According to a poll published by consultancy firm, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), London leads as the world’s best city. Criteria for ratings was based on culture, infrastructure, health and quality of life.
5,200 well educated individuals from 16 countries around the world were approached to determine the outcome of the study.
While London (UK) tops the list, Paris (France) and New York (USA) came second and third best cities respectively. In the report, London was praised as being a dynamic city with standard infrastructure, legal system, health service and  good quality of life, in contrast to others.
Other factors where London also came out tops were in entertainment and trend setting. Interestingly, Lagos, a major city in Nigeria, ranked 30 on the world’s best cities.
Here are the 30 best cities in the world.
1. London
2. Paris
3. New York
4. Amsterdam
5. Sydney
6. Berlin
7. Tokyo
8. Toronto
9. Stockholm
10. Los Angeles
11. San Francisco
12. Dubai
13. Milan
14. Madrid
15. Chicago
16. Hong Kong
17. Singapore
18. Beijing
19. Seoul
20. Rio
21. Shanghai
22. Moscow
23. Johannesburg
24. Kuala Lumpur
25. Mexico City
26. São Paulo
27. Mumbai
28. Jakarta
29. Bogotá
30. Lagos

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