‘Losing my 50 year old husband is painful’ – MRS. EMELDA OSUJI (Madam Modesty)

Social entrepreneur and founder of Women and Modesty Global Initiative, Mrs. Emelda Ahunna Osuji is bereaved! She lost her husband of 16 years months back. In this exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Madam Modesty, as she’s popularly known, narrates the pains and trauma of losing the father of her only child, who was 50.

We were also told that Mr. Charles Ikechuckwu Osuji, Mbaise, Imo State died on December 15, 2014, while he was buried January 2, 2015.


We sympathise with you on the death of your husband…

Thank you ENCOMIUM Weekly for being there for me. Even before my husband died, you’ve been so wonderful and you still remain my best magazine.

HOW0008What led to your husband’s death, was he sick? When did he die?

He died on December 15, 2014 and was buried on January 2, 2015.

How would you describe him?

I will describe him as a strong promising man who remained focused to achieve his aims and objectives till his death.

What are the things you miss about your husband?

I miss the pet name he called me (Emel) which I know no body may choose to call me again. I miss his encouragement, love and care, etc.

What is your husband and son’s name?

My husband’s names are Mr Charles Ikechukwu Osuji and my son’s names are Master Franklin Odinaka Osuji.

Is there any moment you regretted your marriage?

Not really. Although sometimes we had issues, we settled it just like any other marriage out there. Madam Modesty’s own won’t be an exception. I will not say I regretted marrying my husband because he was a friend, lover and companion.

As a celebrity, what were people’s reactions to your husband demise?

Normally, some people’s reaction was encouraging and some were discouraging. Those who reacted in an encouraging way are some of my colleagues, friends and fans who didn’t stop calling, encouraging and also praying for me.

They also told me to be strong for my son. While those who reacted in a discouraging way had their opinions to themselves because nobody said anything to my hearing. But generally, when something like this happens, one comes to a conclusion that nobody could be loved by all.

So, there are some people who have been waiting for a moment like this to malign you. These people are evil, they laugh when people are in tears. I really don’t know what they gain from such, forgetting we are still in a race. Nobody knows what will befall him/her tomorrow. Their laughter cannot do anything to the family or to the dead because it is God who made their condition to be like that. I advise them to close their mouth and look up to God.

What is your advice to widows?

They should be prayerful and focused on God, believing that God will always be their companion and friend.

What is your word to thousands of Nigerians who have been commiserating with your family over your hubby’s demise?

To all my fans out there, I love you all and I understand how you feel about the death of my husband. God has taken care of everything. Thanks for your condolence messages. I love you all and to all my friends and colleagues who stood by me during this sad moment.

I thank you all for being there for me. May God in His infinite mercies meet you at the point of your needs. I appreciate you all.

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