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‘Loungin has been a success’-AVIOMOH SYLVA

Aviomoh Sylva is the brain behind Loungin, a yearly fashion show that kicked off in 2012. The first edition was a success, now the second edition is set to take place on Saturday, November 16, 2013. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Aviomoh about his event…

How will you rate the success of your first show, Loungin’?

Let’s just say I wasn’t satisfied, but it was a good start.

What were the lapses you noticed during the show?

Lapses? Yes, lapses caused by inadequate funds. Sometimes, we wish money was human so you could just smack her hard in the face for playing hard to get….Anyway, couldn’t let that stop us, we had to keep on moving.

How is preparation for this year’s edition?

We are marching on, putting finishing touches to the whole thing. Still having meetings here and there. Though not like before, it hasn’t been an easy ride. God has been faithful. We are just warming up now like a boxer getting ready to hit the ring.

What are the innovations you are adding to make this year’s edition better?

The maiden edition didn’t have display of art works which would be in this year’s edition by Solid Art and Craft Gallery. There was dance performances at the maiden edition, but not like this year’s. This year is to feature a dance academy known as Nille World Academy of Dance Art. So, expect better and more professional dance performances, expect ballet tango, salsa, of course hiphop, etc. So, aside, getting wowed by great clothing designs by designers and musical performances by artistes, you’ll be getting all of that.

What inspired the show in the first place and what are you set to achieve with it?

Entertainment and inspiration/motivation. We wanted an event that not only entertains but inspires as well. We wanted an avenue to celebrate music artistes that have dared to be different with unique styles, young and very creative designers in the fashion industry and also to promote up and coming artistes with unique vibes, as well as upcoming designers. In the midst of all these, chat with the celebrated artistes and designers, get them to talk about how it all started, challenges and so on. Something to inspire someone in the audience. We wanted an avenue for an up and coming artiste to launch his or her album, if possible promo CD. All that inspired the event, Loungin’.

What should your fans expect from the show?

Fun, inspiration, networking, and so on.

What informed the choice of venue?

We wanted something different from the regular venues, a venue in a well regulated and organized area that’s like a town or city on its’ own. A place where the residents could easily become the main audience of the show. So, we chose VGC Club in Victoria Garden City and fortunately they agreed to partner with us.

Who are the designers and artiste we should expect?

Expect Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, who happens to be the star designer to be celebrated at the show. Then, we have Rose Di Omimi, and other cool designers. For artistes, expect Yeka, the winner of the first edition of Nigerian Idol. Get ready for some electrifying performances from her, as well as her promo CD. Expect some new music from her which would also be on radio and TV soon. Emmanuella is another cool artiste you should expect. There will also be Kelly Able, Acechik, etc. There will be surprise guest appearances, not mentioning names, you’ve just got to be there.

How are you financing this year’s show?

Couple of supports from media houses, like Encomium magazine, 96.9 CoolFm and others.  Then, there’s support from La Casera, Solid Art and Craft Gallery, Nille World Academy of Dance Art, and others. Nevertheless, personal cash.

What are the challenges you are facing?

As much as I hate to say this, money is never enough. You really can’t separate inadequate funds from challenges.

Tell us about yourself, name, background,  etc

My name is Aviomoh Sylvanus, known by some as Don Sylva. I am from Edo State, brought up in Lagos. I am a lover of music, can’t do without it.


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