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Love Come Back Episode 4: It’s the end of the road for Bright & Precious

The latest episode of MultiChoice Nigeria’s brand-new reality TV show, Love Come Back sees Bright Egbri, a car dealer from Delta State try to win back the love of his ex-girlfriend Precious who caught him cheating on her not once, but TWICE!

Bright met Precious at a wedding ceremony where he was best man for a friend. He got drawn to her because of her dancing skills and managed to get her number before the party was over. They got talking and as the saying goes, one thing led to another, and they started dating.

But their love soon went sour because Bright wasn’t faithful. In the course of their relationship, Precious caught him cheating on her twice and as it turns out, that was two times too many, so she ended things with him.

His excuse for cheating? He loves sex and Precious was boring in that department. But he tells Love Come Back host Ibrahim Suleiman that he now realizes he was wrong and would like to patch things up with Precious.  

With the help of the Love Come Back team, they were able to set up a very romantic poolside date and invited Precious over under the guise of a photoshoot for a modeling gig. Precious was initially pleasantly surprised at the cozy set-up of the shoot location but all that changed as soon as Bright walked into the set.

She flared up immediately and called him out on all his unfaithfulness, telling him that cheating is ingrained in him and all his begging and attempts to get her back are just theatrics. Bright swore that he’s a changed person but Precious remained adamant, cussed him out and angrily walked out of the show leaving a flabbergasted Bright.

Ibrahim came back on set to tell Bright to give her more time and space as she’s clearly still very hurt.

There’s no telling if time and space would change Precious’s heart as she seems genuinely fed up and done with the relationship. So, it’s very safe to say that in the 4th episode of Love Come Back, love didn’t come back.  

Love Come Back airs onSundays at 6:30 PM on DStv Channel 151 for Premium and Compact Plus customers.    



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