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LYNXXX splashes N4 Million on Fine Lady video – Speaks on relationship with Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas

Finest Nigerian singer, Chikie Edozien famously known as Lynxxx recently staged a stylish and one of the most expensive wedding with a fast-rising Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas. The wedding held at the Federal Palace Casino & Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos saw industry heavyweights like Dr. SID, Waje, Sasha, Basketmouth, Illrymx, Oreka, among others, in attendance.

Passersby within the prestigious hotel and some fans who later saw the pictures were unaware that what seems to be a real wedding between the creator of Jollof Music and the face of Range Rover Evogue in Ghana was actually not until last week when the singer premiered the video of his new song, Fine Lady, a collaborative effort with Wizkid (now better known as Wizzy).

The wedding scene was fake and we reliably gathered that Lynxxx spent whopping N4 million to stage it. With this feat, the Change Ur Parade crooner has joined the league of Nigerian entertainers who still believe in speeding big to shoot video.

As the video, directed by Tom Robson, continues to enjoy massive airplay on both local and satellite TV, the Delta State born rapper’s relationship with Joselyn Dumas has been questioned, with speculation that the two might probably be in a dalliance.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly held on Thursday, September 13, 2012, at  Browns Café, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lynxxx justified spending N4 million for the video as he also opened up on his relationship with the pretty Ghanaian thespian.    


Congratulations on the success of your video shoot, can you tell us the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to make a song that will cut across all spheres, not just a commercial song. A song that can be an anthem or a song that celebrates women. Basically, that’s why we came up with Fine Lady. It’s a song to appreciate women and I felt Wizkid would be the best choice for a collaboration because we did something together in my first album.

I saw a lot of entertainers in the video, how did you find it so easy to bring them together?

I have a good relationship with many of my colleagues as far as the industry is concerned. So, it wasn’t that hard to bring them together. I was happy at the end because everybody gave his support. We had funny people like Dr. Sid and Jummie from Beat FM and to be honest they were the best. Anytime I watched the video, they were the highlight of the comic relief in the video, with their funny dance steps, abusing each other and the rest. Basketmouth was fantastic, especially when we were arranging the venue. He was just doing a lot of jokes, making everybody laugh.

It was fun having people like Waje, Sasha, Oreka and Illrynx.

But I noticed that Wizkid was conspicuously missing at the wedding scene, why?

It was actually a conflict of schedule. He was supposed to come over for the shoot but EME was having a shoot on that same day. By the time he was ready, we were done. That’s exactly what happened.

How much did it cost you to shoot the video?

This video is officially the biggest ‘fake wedding’ we’ve ever seen in the industry and I will be the first to do it. We actually paid handsomely for the fake wedding. The whole video cost about N4 million, from wedding dress to tooth-pick. My wife’s wedding dress was made by Mai Atafo, make-up by Shomya, catering by The Smoke House and Federal Palace Casino and Hotel provided their marquee. So, all cost about N4 million.

Does it really worth it spending a lot of money on video?

Yes. Michael Jackson spent millions of dollars on his Thriller video. Busta Rhymes spent a million dollars on a video. If it’s a question of worth, then I will say I’m worth N4 million and I can make more than N4 million from the song. I don’t believe in being cheap when it comes to business. I invest in my music, give my best so that I can get multiple in return.

Generally, how was the experience?

It was very stressful putting the set together and keeping a crowd of 100 people. Again, I shoot my video alongside a talented directed called Tom Robson and with him, the pressure was reduced. We thank God it went well. Special thanks to my wife, Joselyn, who came all the way from Ghana for the fake wedding.

Let’s talk about your choice of Joselyn. Why not a Nigerian lady or are you trying to say Nigerian babes are not fine?

I don’t think there is boundary to that. In fact, I am even partly Ghanaian because my mother is from Ghana. So Ghana is Nigeria to me. We are all black people and we need to celebrate ourselves, regardless of which part of Africa we come from. Besides, I wanted to do something special, make use of a pretty lady that her face is not frequently seen on TV. I wanted to introduce somebody to Nigerians, whom I felt fits the criteria of a pretty lady for the video. She did an amazing job.

Can you shed light why you chose her?

I met her about a year and a half ago in Ghana. I went for a show and since then, we’ve been in touch. When I am in Ghana, sometimes, I hang out with her and even attended her shows. Ever since the video came out, there have been a lot of talk about her beauty, especially her figure and the innovation she brought to the video.

But we learnt that there is a kind of chemistry going on between you guys?

There has to be a chemistry and if there is no chemistry, why am I getting married to her. Basically, she’s a good friend of mine and she’s an actress, which is what acting is all about. So, if people say there is chemistry between us, then I think we did a good job.

Are you saying you guys have an intimate relationship?

Intimate what? Basically, there is no intimacy between us but she’s my good friend. For us, it’s business. This is what we do for a living. She’s an actress and I am a musician but we have a growing friendship that continues even after the video.

Do you think the video will enhance your reputation in the industry?

Yes! I think I did a fantastic video and in the space of four days, I have got over 85,000 hits and the response is encouraging. This is actually a video that I have hardly seen people talking negatively about. I think myself and the director, Tom Robson did a great job.

What next after Fine Lady?

This is just the beginning. There are a whole lot of stuffs I am planning to dish out to my fans. A lot of collaborations ahead.

With your handsome face and physique, don’t you think you will do more if you go into modelling or fashion?

I don’t want anybody to think I am a model. I am not and I don’t aspire to be. I do music and I am a businessman. But for fashion, yes!. In fact, I already own a fashion label called, Syndicate, before I started my career as a musician and so far, I have been very successful. Right now, I am doing a couple of things on fashion. Hopefully, I will unveil it to the public when I am satisfied with the product I am working on.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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