Mad rush for ‘Okrika’ cardigans as Lagos continues to witness heavy downpour

Okrika market
There is a high demand for ‘Okrika’ cardigans as rain continues pouring in Lagos and its environs. Information pierced together by revealed  that housewives, mothers and even bachelor’s have been trooping to the market to buy at least one of the second hand sweaters. More sellers of the item are also springing up daily at every visible corner in other to sell cardigans.
The price is even no longer the same again. It used to go for N200 to N500 before now, some sell for as high as a N1,000 depending on how new it is.
Those made of synthetics popularly known as pullovers are usually more expensive than those made from wool. Synthetic cardigans go for N1000, N1500 while the later goes for N200, N500.
Speaking with encomium. ng, one of the sellers said: “Every household must own one because of the rain, it rains unannounced and it is now daily. If it should start in the morning, it might rain throughout the day. I had to join this business because of the high demand, very soon rain will stop and I have to look for something else to do. The gain I make from my sales will be used for another business.”
Also speaking with, Mrs Ojo stated, “The weather is becoming too cold, more so, I stay in a three storey building and the cold is usually terrible at night. I have to continually keep my children warm that is why I patronise Okrika market, they are cheap and affordable.”
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for

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