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Mad rush for second hand wears as Christmas approaches

There is a mad rush for second hand wears as Christmas fast approaches.’s check revealed that Nigerians are  in a mad rush for second hand wears because of the economic stress the country is battling with. What’s more, it is cheaper than visiting boutiques.  

 A visit to places and markets where second hand clothings, popularly known as  “okrika”, are sold shows  that there is more patronage. spoke to sellers and buyers on why Nigerians are crazy about the purchase of second hand wears at this moment.


This is the period for our market. Christmas is just around the corner, some people prefer to buy from us than to go to boutiques. Second hand clothes last longer than new ones. More so the state of the economy is really bad that some people cannot afford new clothes.


Christmas is just some days away. I don’t have money to buy new clothes for myself. I just have to make do with what I have. After all, nobody will know if what I am wearing is new or not.


I can’t afford new clothes for my children.  And I can’t stand it for them not to wear something new. I was able to get first grade. They are as good as being new. They were excited when I took them home last week. I made their day with it. It is only myself and their dad that knows the clothes are second hand.


There is nothing bad about wearing second hand clothes. Most of them are as good as being new. You wouldn’t even know it is second hand if you buy first grade. My children wear it. I also wear them too. My children will wear the ones I bought for both Christmas and New Year.


where is money for new clothes. We hardly eat three times anymore. We are just trying to cope. The economy will not allow me buy new ones. Even before recession, I do patronize second hand market as well.





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