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Mrs. Agnes Ovientaoba was serenaded on Saturday, July 4, 2015, by children, friends, siblings and relations as she marked her 70th birthday at Animashaun Street, Off Oke-Agbe Estate, Ojodu, Berger, Lagos.

The birthday soiree was well attended. ENCOMIUM Weekly’s DAPO ADESEKO had a chat with the 70 year old celebrant…


DSC_0022How do you feel today that you are 70?

I feel very fine and I give glory to God Almighty for keeping me hale and hearty. The Lord has been my buckler and my shield.

At 70, madam you are still looking beautiful. What is the secret?

It is God. Once you have a good thought towards your fellow human being, then you do not have anything to worry about. Definitely, the beauty of God would surely shine upon you.

If you are to rewind the hand of time, what are those things you were doing but you can no longer do?

You know due to old age, I cannot be so smart the way I used to be when I was very young. But still I give glory to God for this singular privilege.


DSC_0148‘She is generous to a fault’ -AUGUSTINA ADEBO YOUNG,

Mama’s third daughter

What do you say about mama at 70?

What I can say about my mama is splendid. She is a masterpiece of a mother, a quintessential personality. In fact, I can’t ask for a better mom. She is fabulous, loving and generous to a fault.

What would you say you have learnt from mama?

I learnt so much from my mom – to be humble, tender at heart, to be kind, to be generous and above all to have the fear of God.

What would you say were the contributing factors to make her clock 70?

It’s by the special grace of God, the mercy of God which is sufficient for all of us. If you have God, you have everything.

Mama is looking beautiful even at 70, what is the secret?

I still believe it is the grace of God. She is very tender at heart and very simple.

What is your wish for mama?

I wish my mom a very happy long life. I want her to get to 80, 90, 100 and 120, as long as God wants. In fact, I wish her 120 and above in good health in Jesus name.


DSC_0053‘She’s a wonderful mother’ -MR. RUFUS OVIENTAOBA

What can you say about mama?

She’s a wonderful mother. She sacrificed herself for a lot of people. In fact, one of us called her a candle that burnt herself out to give others light. She lives a life of sacrifice for her children both biological and non-biological and everybody around her.

What would you say you have learnt from Mama?

Patience and endurance. When we were young, we used to question her. It is now I have begun to understand the reason to her endurance.

What is your wish for her?

I wish her many more years to see her great great grand-children and she will be in good health.

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