MADAM MODESTY set to unveil NGO, Women & Modesty Global Initiative

+ Drags Okiro, Tunji Braithwaite, Jimoh Ibrahim to Bespoke Centre

ON Sunday, November 3, 2013, popular social entrepreneur, Mrs. Imelda Ahunna Osuji (Madam Modesty), would formally unveil and inaugurate the Board of Trustees of her NGO, Women & Modesty Global Initiative.

To be held at Bespoke Centre on Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lagos, Madam Modesty in an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly (on Friday, October 25, 2013), talked about the NGO, preparations for the event and what should be expected at the unveiling and inauguration, amongst other issues…

Madam ModestyThe unveiling and inauguration of your NGO, Women & Modesty Global Initiative is on Sunday, November 3, 2013, at Bespoke Event Centre, Lekki, Lagos, how are you preparing for this event?

Everything is set for the august occasion.  And we are preparing fine.

What should we expect?

Expect a high octane social event to be attended by top celebrities as well as pillars of high society and commerce.

What really is Women & Modesty Global Initiative all about?

It is an NGO like I said before. Here, we vehemently kick against indecent dressing.  We are not all about that though, we also enlighten and empower women.  We are into total rebranding of womanhood.

What more do you have in stock for Nigerian women?

Immediately after the inauguration, we are commencing courtesy visits to governors’ wives.  We know they are decent and distinguished First Ladies who inspire Nigerian women.  So, we are bringing them because of society’s demand.  They feel we must carry women leaders along in this campaign.

Where are you starting?

Any governors’ wife who shows interest would be the first to be paid a courtesy visit, but we want to start with the wife of Akwa Ibom State Governor, Her Excellency, Uloma Akpabio.

Why Akwa Ibom, first?

Mrs. Akpabio has been our role model.  You know she is also glamorously decently dressed.  It was even our members who nominated her.  But like I said before, any governor’s wife who shows interest before her can as well kick it off.

When was Women & Modesty founded?

Three years ago.

So, why did it take you this long to get it formally launched?

It has not been easy.  You know I have been in this alone.  I’m happy that sponsors are now coming to our aid because funding has always been our bane.

How supportive has been the Nigerian media in this?

You know you cannot do without the media, especially your medium, ENCOMIUM Weekly. You guys are the reason we are here.  I’m also grateful to all the media, too numerous to mention here.  They have really been there for Women & Modesty Global Initiative.

Back to your November 3 inauguration, who are we expecting?

We are expecting the former Inspector General of Police and currently chairman, Police Service Commission, Chief Mike Okiro.  Others are Ann Mbachu, the only black woman in the Queen’s cabinet.  She is flying in from London.  We also have Ojukwu’s first son, Ogbonna Ojukwu, Chief Olusola Dada, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, Lagos State First Lady, Dame Abimbola Fashola, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim and wife, Modupe, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, Chief Atta Ikpebe, former Ekiti Deputy Governor, Mrs. Abiodun Olujimi,amongst others.

How supportive has been your family in all these?

My husband has been very supportive.  He is always there for me, although I have not always been around when he needs me. So, I thank him for his patience and understanding.  Not all men are like him.  Despite all the pressure, my family comes first.

What are the other challenges so far?

There are many challenges but I want you to know that when one is fighting a just cause like this, there are bound to be confrontations from those opposed to your campaign.  I have had my own share of this.  But we are unstoppable, I tell you one with God is a majority.  And no matter what they do, I will not disappoint you.  It is a firm promise.  The struggle is my life.

How does it feel to know that you have been recognized at various times for being a social worker?

I feel good, especially when my fellow women call to appreciate my modest contribution to their development. My activities have also translated into multiple awards and recognition.  And I thank God for this uncommon elevation. This work has indeed taken me to places I wouldn’t have got in my wildest imagination.  So, I feel good and great.  I give God all the glory because He has made all things possible for me.

What is your final word to your fans the world over?

I love you all.  You are the reason I’m here.  Keep dressing well and leave a decent life.  I’m not saying you should be a saint, but please fear and respect your family.


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