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‘Magic does not get in my way, I am focusing on music’ – Que Peller

Musical act Abisoye Abiola Peller, better known by his stage name Que Peller, is signed to Aquilar Records. Que is the son of the late great magician, Professor Peller and he also continues his father’s magic feats.

ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, May 2, 2016, had an interview with him at Quilox Club, Victoria Island, Lagos, where he talked about combining music and magic and his relationship with his brothers.


What informed the title of the song, Eleniyan?

First, Eleniyan means a person of higher personality, a person of great personality. Eleniyan is a great person. So I am coming into the industry with that song to salute the great people of the industry and let them know that Que is here. That is what it means.

How do you feel releasing your song under your brother’s label?

I feel good, that as a family, we could set up a business and it is becoming successful. That is a great thing that I could achieve for my family.

You still do magic. How do you juggle magic and music?

Actually, it doesn’t get in the way because I am focusing on music, my father was a magician. He was the greatest magician Africa ever produced and we grew up in the house knowing how to do magic. My father taught us all how to do magic, so he inspired me as an entertainer.

So, I think with that I should just honour him by putting some magic in my music.

How many singles have you released so far?

Two singles and that is Juru and Eleniyan.

How acceptable are your songs?

The reception has been good so far, especially Eleniyan. Eleniyan got me a lot of fans and it’s been really impressive.

When did you officially start music?

I started music like two years ago.

Why did you go into music?

I went into music because music is something I know how to do. I love music and since I know how to do music, I have to show the world what I am capable of doing.

Aside being under your brother’s label, how supportive has he been to you?

He has been really supportive. He saw me through my university days, he has been very supportive even before we started the label.

How is your relationship with Nike Peller?

Nike Peller is my sister, though a step sister. My relationship with her is good. We are great together.

Don’t you intend going into magic full time?

No, I don’t intend going into magic full time. I intend staying on the music path and enlarging my coast in the music industry and also help some other up and coming artistes too, create a platform where I can also help other artistes that need to be given the opportunity to showcase their talent. So, I intend to go deeper into music and big time.

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What are you working on presently?

Presently, I am working on a single that will be dropping in a couple of weeks, but soon I am dropping Juru video. I have not dropped Juru video before. So, I am dropping Juru video in less than a week from now and after doing that, I will be dropping my next single. That is the major project and it’s got a big act on it and I don’t want to disclose that now but I am sure by the time the story will be out, the song must have been out (laughs).

So, in less than 3 weeks now, I am dropping a single so you guys should watch out for it.

Can you please tell us about your educational background?

I had my secondary school in Ibadan and I attended Leadcity University, Ibadan, I studied Mass Communication and Media Technology.

Are you married, single or searching?

(Laughs) I am single and searching.

What are the qualities you look for in a girl you want to be your wife?

The kind of woman I want for myself is, a simple woman, beautiful, intelligent and classy at any time.

What is the relationship between you and your brother?

I am from a polygamous family but the kind of polygamous family I am from is the type of family where my father raised us all together to make sure that we are really close, even with my step brothers. So, we are really close, we call each other in time to time even those that are from different parts of the world. We communicate like almost every time, so the relationship is good.

We have gone pass the first quarter of the year, so what are your plans for 2016?

My plans for 2016 are to keep recording, keep dropping songs, shooting videos, collaborations with top artists, which we have started already. I am working with a top artiste, so hopefully by God’s grace, I hope we are going to pick up some couple of awards. May God help us, this year is going to be a great one for us.


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