…Magical Wedlock Takes Shine Off Buhari’s Austere Persona

The austere, simple and disciplined persona of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria many are accustomed to was chased away as his daughter Zahra wedded Ahmed Indimi.

Ostentation and flamboyance took over as the magical nuptials got under way.

An inkling that good money would be thrown around featured as 30 Louis Viutton bags reportedly valued at over N40 million was deposited at the home of the bride’s family as part of the rituals of marriage in that part of the country by the groom.

In spite of the seeming protest, more colourful events heralded the union with cost never considered.

And on Friday, December 16, the advertised private event was so public that it was labelled a carnival. Practically everyone who cared to attend graced the occasion.

From the Central Mosque to State House, guests pranced  everywhere with hardly any room to manoeuvre.

And those who had thought the ceremony would match the persona of President Muhammadu Buhari couldn’t believe their eyes. They are still guessing who elevated the nuptials to that extravaganza?

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