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Majek Fashek: I didn’t go to rehab, I went into mystical seculsion‘

Legendary Reggae musician, Majekodunmi Fasheke, better known as the ‘rain maker’ Majek Fashek, is back again! This time, he’s not only looking better than in recent times, he’s set to do more music.

The Little Patience hit maker was on Thursday, February 11, 2016, honoured by foremost live music band, SharpBandAllStars at SS7 Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos where he was decorated as a legend in Nigerian music.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the self-professed ‘prisoner of conscience’ and he opened up on how life has been since he left rehab last year. He also announced a massive collaboration with some American stars on a song entitled, I’m not Afraid, and much more…


How do you feel being honoured tonight and watching  SharpBandAllStars play all your evergreen songs?

It was a surprise, I didn’t expect it. My manager, David put this together. I thank God that my people recognise my contribution to the music industry and the human race. It shows that Nigeria didn’t forget me. And God bless the young musicians. I feel cool and elated that my work didn’t go down the drain, that my work is still living.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a new project with my friend, 2 Face. He wants to do some work with me, we’re working on that.

Last year, you told us you’d be dropping your album, what’s the latest on that?

There was some little complication about it. The lady I was working with for the album tried to pirate the music. So, we’re trying to handle that.

How have you been since your rehab?

I don’t call it rehabilitation, I went into seclusion and meditation. I didn’t go to rehab, I went into mystical seclusion so I can avoid the craziness of the human race. I’m not doing badly, thank God. Ayiri Emami did well, he’s helping out. African people are helping out.

What was the experience like?

I didn’t take their medicine, I didn’t use their drugs so I don’t get poisoned. I used meditation, not medication.

What are the things you were advised to stay off?

Drugs. But as you can see, the whole world and every human being is on drugs. The doctor said I shouldn’t use hard drugs, that I should stay off it.

How did the doctors advise you to live?

The doctors advised I should stay disciplined.

Are you still in touch with your family?

Yes, my wife is fine, as well as my children. They are all fine and are in New York. My first son is married to a Spanish, while my second son is married to an African American, and my third son is still going to school. My children are coming this year to visit me, and they’ll be here for one month, by God’s grace.

What was 2015 like for you on the whole?

Like Fela used to sing, it’s not easy to be a Nigerian. Too many go slow, too much frustration, the government is not stable. But home is home, I have to adapt to the system. American system is different from Nigerian system.

What are your plans for this year?

I’m working on a programme with my crew to be forwarded to the Presidency. Our programme is what we call Operation Feed the Poor.

You remember Obasanjo had Operation Feed the Nation. So, our slogan this year is Operation Feed the Poor. We’re going into an agricultural movement, not just oil – that’s the movement this year. We’ll be engaging young musicians, and we’re starting with 2 face, he’s a force to reckon with and he’s a good boy.

Tell us more about your collaboration with American musicians?

American artistes are releasing my song, I’m not Afraid. It’s a song against terrorism, it’s like We Are The World. Various artistes would be featured on it.


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