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Making a pot of soup now costs N7,000

Recession has made prices of commodities skyrocket. It now takes an average of N7,000, at least to make a pot of soup that would last a family of four for four days. This could be the amount some families would budget for monthly feeding last year.

However, it may vary. Some families can easily afford that in this recession why some are just managing to survive.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of housewives on how much it cost to make a pot of soup in this hard times…



With the way things are now, I can’t even say this is the right amount to make a pot of soup. Everything is so expensive in the market now. For a family of five, you must have at least N7,000, if you want to satisfy yourself and give your family the best. But if you want to manage, you can use even N2,000. But N7,000 is ideal.

For example, if you want to make Abak Atama in my place, you will spend nothing less than N7,000. At least N4,000 for goat meat or red meat since it will last for four days. Ponmo N1,000, smoked fish N4,000, palm oil N600, dry fish N1,000, Atama leaves, crayfish, periwinkle, salt and seasonings N600.



Making palm fruit soup (Ofe Akwu) will cost almost N7,000 now. That is for a family who would not spare cost to make the best. They can even spend more depending on how they wish to satisfy themselves. Chicken is now N1,000 per kilo. They will buy at least four kilo N4,000. Dry fish, catfish is the best N,2000 worth. Stock fish N50, scented leaves, Ogiri okapi (iru), onions, pepper seasonings, crayfish would take N500.



Let us calculate a family of five for four days. The father would eat nothing less than two pieces per day, likewise the mother. Each of the children would take one each and in certain cases, they might have a visitor who would take two pieces too. At least in a day, they would consume eight pieces which is four kilo of either fish or chicken in four days. That is N4,000.

If they make egusi soup, they would need chicken or beef N4,000, smoked fish N500, shrimps N500, ponmo N400, ugwu N200, egusi N300, other ingredient N500. They should budget nothing less than N7,000.



It depends on how the family eats. In my house, we eat solid food every day, so I must constantly have soup at home. To make ogbono soup, you need N5,000. The basic ingredients are ogbono, pumpkin leaves (ugwu), dry fish, crayfish, pepper, onions and red meat.



My husband loves edikang Ikong soup. That is the only soup he would care to spend his all to make. I collected N8,000 last week to make the soup for him. Assorted meat N2,000, meat N4,000, shrimps N400, periwinkle N400 and other ingredients N600.



Making catfish Nsala or white soup would cost like N6,000. Almost N5,000 would go for catfish alone. Then other ingredients can be purchased for N1,000.



Recession has made everything expensive. What I used to budget for soup has changed. To buy one fish in the market now is N400. In some areas, one is N500. For a family of five, they should consider N7,000 for any soup. One should endeavour to give his family the best. I can’t spend less than N7,000 to make ogbono soup, that would have meat, okro, crayfish, pepper, maggi, salt, ugwu in it.



To make efo riro would cost between N7,000 and N8,000. Assorted meat N2,000, chicken N4,000, two kinds of  vegetables N500 each, shrimps NN500, ponmo N500, onion, pepper, palm oil, seasoning cubes and iru N900. Since that is the main meal the family would eat for the day, it should be very rich and delicious.



Making bitter leaf soup would not cost a fortune, maybe N5,000 would be enough. I prefer using shaki instead of beef, stock and dry fish. N3,000 for shaki, N500 each for stock and dry fish, cocoyam, bitter leaf, palm oil, stock cubes, pepper, salt, crayfish and traditional seasoning (ogiri Igbo) would cost N1,000.



Making Ofe Akaru soup would cost N7,000 since it would last for four days. I use goat meat since it is a traditional soup. N5,000 for goat meat, stock fish N500, dry fish N1,000, palm fruit juice, scented leaf, ogiri okapi (iru), onions, pepper, seasoning cubes would take N1,000.



My family loves Afang soup, so I make it often. I always have it in my freezer once light is stable. If I want to make a moderate soup, I can manage N4,000. But If I want it to my taste, I can spend all of N7,000. Major ingredients are okazi, Afang, crayfish, water leaf, beef, dry fish, stock cubes, pepper and salt.



I make Ila Asepo once in a while. Recession or no recession, I make sure it has high nutrient in it. I normally buy N3,000 snail, ponmo N1,000, meat N2,000, perwinkle N400, okro, ugwu, palm oil, onions, pepper and iru N1,000. I can spend N7,000 or more just to make the soup.




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