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Male hairdressers reveal their torments and triumphs (2)

WHEN they started out, there was discrimination from the society for going into a female related business.  But now, the same people who rejected them are now embracing their touch, insisting on a male stylist to make their hair.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some male hair stylists on why they are in a female related profession.


yusuf IMG-20151001-WA020‘The experience has been good’ -OLUGBENGA YUSUF

My brother has a barbing salon. I learnt how to cut hair first before going into the female aspect. I just picked interest. I specialize in making dreads for women, though, men patronise me too.

When I started, we already had men making women’s hair. It was not a surprise. I just got words of encouragement from people who appreciate my works.

The experience has been good. Every profession comes with its challenges. We are moving on despite the challenges. I have been doing this business for eight years now.

Like my own specialty, it requires energy, expertise. Making hair can be painful for some women, men try not to make it painful and they are more careful.


timohthyIMG-20151003-WA002‘The passion has kept me at it’-TIMOTHY NICOLAS

I have passion for hair dressing. I watch my sisters when they are making hair, that is where I developed the passion for it. I decided to venture into it because it is one aspect of a woman. She doesn’t joke with it. Women like looking good. They take their time and spend a fortune to look good.

It has been amazing. A lot of people were surprised to see me go into it. Those that saw me believed in me and encouraged me to put in my best.

The passion has kept me at it. I look beyond the discouragement, ups and down, but I look at the love I have for it. I have been a hairstylist for 12 years. Men concentrate more and are faster. Women gossip while working. That makes them slow.


ajiboye IMG-20151003-WA005‘I just like being an hairstylist’ -ADEBAYO SHINA

I just like the work and I decided to learn it. It is better to learn a skill you have interest in, so that you can make a success of it. Many people were asking me questions. They all wanted to know what I was doing in a woman related business. It was really challenging at first.

I have not gotten to where I desire to be. I am working towards it and pray I get there. I must say, God has been helping me. I have been a hairstylist for 15 years now.

Men concentrate more. They don’t talk as they work. We work with time. A client can ask how many hours it will take to make her hair, you just have to stick to the time you tell her. Some people are principled, if you don’t stick to that time, they may not patronise you again.


Mat IMG-20151005-WA004‘It’s been fantastic’-MATTHEW SOTTIN

It is a family business, I grew up watching my people have hair. That was how I developed the interest. I learnt it from Badagry before relocating to Lagos.

There was a lot of criticism when I started. It got to stage that I had to relocate to Edo state because of the reaction and discouragement from people then in Lagos state.

It’s been fantastic. It is the best decision I made in my life. I have been able to sail above the challenges. I have been in this business for 16 years now.

Most of my customers prefer my touch. They wouldn’t allow a lady make their hair once I am around. Men are faster and good at it.

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