‘Mama left a good legacy’ – PASTOR CASEY BADEJO

DSC_0260How do you feel about the death of your mom?

I feel blessed because she was a very good and wonderful mother. I came to see her in August 2016, and we had a good time together. And I want to thank God for her life, her legacy and for the wonderful things she left behind. I bless God for her life. I am so thankful to God about that.

Can you tell us about the legacy she left?

First and foremost, she trained us very well. And as you can see from all my brothers and sisters, we’re a family in unity. She wanted that for us, and she achieved it. So, I thank God for the love she taught us to have for each other. And we’re all very grateful to God about this.

How would you describe her death?

It was a bit expected because she was ill for a while. And as I said, I came to see her in August last year. I came just to show her my love. And we can’t compete with God about the time He will dictate the way. So, God has taken her away at a time He knew it fitted her. We thank God she lived till 83 years, and that’s a wonderful thing on its own. So, I bless God for her life.

What would you miss most about her?

I would miss her call once in a while. She was with me in England for almost 10 years. And she trained all my children how to speak Yoruba. And that’s a wonderful thing I also benefited from her. I have two of them here with me today, the rest are in England because they’re still in school term. I will also continue to thank God for her about that. As she was a wonderful mother, she was also a wonderful grandmother to my children and to all other grand children as well.

What would you like to remember the most about her?

As I said, she was a good woman, she was easy to speak to. She was very accessible to all her children. And that’s a very wonderful legacy as well. When I went to see her in August last year, she was surrounded not only by her children, but all the grandchildren. As you can see everybody is here today. And if you ask them, they will all tell you at least one good thing mama had done for each and everyone of them. That’s one good thing about her…

Don’t forget, my father also passed away some years ago. Both of them were a wonderful couple, and we learnt a lot of things from them. We never saw them quarrel over anything. My mother was amiable and patient. She was a woman who endured a lot.

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